Friday, November 2, 2018

Composting Puerh

I have been cleaning up and attempting to better organize my tea storage lately and thought to give these 2 cakes and 1 brick a toss.  One was a gift given to me from someone who was gifted puerh and doesn’t drink it.  That cake tastes horrendously dry and rough and maybe even pesticide sprayed.  The other two were purchased as sample cakes in a search for cheap everyday drinkers last year and I found them intolerable.

I am not a wasteful person nor do I think I am above the taste of cheap tea.  However, these teas exhibit a taste and feel which suggests that something is not quite right about them.  As a result, they will be returned to the earth.  I have a few other puerh cakes that I can’t tolerate but that others have claimed to enjoy and so I intend to send some of these out to those people sometime.



TeaMasters said...

Did you forget a 't' in the title: composting puerh?

Matt said...

Teamasters (Stéphane),

I guess it’s what happens when you throw out “T”...

Get it... hahahaha

Thanks. I fixed it.


Curigane said...

I struggle to do it but I've done it too. I think it's a good thing. You return it to where it came from.

Ps - i really like the cha hai in your previous post :) proper professional tea drinker cha hai :)

Matt said...


If all of our teapots were invisible this is what we would see... hahahaah