Saturday, November 17, 2018

Pre Black Friday Puerh Sales/Hype

There are a few cakes of puerh out there that I have had my eye on over the last few years which I am considering for purchase over Black Friday.  I promised myself after buying the tong of Qizhong and cake of Qixiang in June that, if I don’t purchase any puerh until Black Friday, I will buy some higher priced stuff when this year’s sale comes around.  Turns out it only took two months to break that promise with a small order from Tea Encounter (here and here).  I have not made a puerh purchase since this time.  So, if the sales are big enough, I hope to buy some nicer sample cakes.  But, from which vendor????  I have my eye on a few.  Where I spend my money depends on how cleaver their marketing is and how deep their sales are.

Last year I didn’t pay close attention to the run up to Black Friday/ Cyber Monday and failed to notice the price increases made in the months before the sale.  It turns out I ended up purchasing only a few of those cakes in a small Yunnan Sourcing order (here and here) last winter.  This year, I have been paying closer attention to the run up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  It is interesting isn’t it?

Most interesting is watching the marketing moves of Paul of white2tea and Scott of Yunnan Sourcing.

Yunnan Sourcing decided to get ahead of everyone and do a Pre-Black Friday Sale from Nov 15-20th (on now!) with 10% off everything and a bunch of free bonus gifts.  That is a pretty good sale.  But honestly, will it be better than the Black Friday sale next week? I think it is more of a hype marketing thing.  I like it.  Last year Yunnan Sourcing Black Friday sale was 13-20% off.  I wonder if he will push it beyond the 13% off?  That would be bold don’t you think?

White2tea is doing their brilliant social media teasers of a bunch of new cakes they will drop next week in what they are describing as “Black Friday Week”.  This includes these rad slow motion videos of a limited release of possibly autumn sheng puerh (my guess?) they are calling Tunji.  I like it.  They offered a decent sale on Halloween a few weeks ago that featured 2 free samples and Orders of $150 or more receive $10 off, Orders of $250 or more receive $20 off, Orders of $500 or more receive $50 off.  Decent.  Last year white2tea really just offered free shipping and a free brick on orders over $500 on Black Friday.  I wonder if they will just use the event to hype new products or will they offer more substantial discounts?

All other vendors seem tight lipped about this year’s Black Friday deals.

What do you think?  Are you looking to buy?



Anonymous said...

Thinking of trying something from Tea Encounter.

Your reviews & overview were excellent this year - peaked my interest.

Thank you for the writing/time,


Matt said...


The cakes at Tea Encounter are good value. Let us know what you think of them, if you wish.