Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Aftermath: 2018 Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Were the Biggest Ever for Puerh Lovers!

I had a feeling and hinted before the sales that this year’s Black Friday/ Cyber Monday sales might surpass last year.  Then the sales were announced and most were significantly better than previous years.  In the following post I declared that, in fact, these sales were the best that Western puerh buyers have ever seen- ever.  It turns out, from what the vendors are telling us, that I was probably right and people were buying them up fast!

In my last post I declared Yunnan Sourcing’s sale the best one this year- 15% off everything!  Apparently, it really paid off for not only puerh buyers but for Yunnan Sourcing as well. I just got an email from Scott of Yunnan Sourcing which stated:

Wow! So many of you took advantage of the sales! We had many more orders than last year! Once again, we want to thank you all so much for your continued support. We also welcome all the new customers and look forward to getting to know you all better!

We got 10x more than our normal order volume during the 4 days of sales (Fri-Mon).  Being a small company with just 7 fulfillment staff (6 in China, and 1 in the USA) means that even working longer than normal hours, it could take us awhile to catch up.

I wasn’t planning on an order but like many of you couldn’t resist this sale and picked up some cakes I’ve been contemplating.  Great work Scott on a stellar sale.  Next year, 16% off Ok… hahaha…

I think the sale was also a big success for Paul of white2tea as well.  There was a promotion where white2tea was giving away a free tote bag for the first 50 orders of $200.00 or more.  He announced on social media 24 hours later that the bags were gone:

That means within 24 hours of Black Friday $200.00 x 50 = at least $10 000.00 sales were made.  Impressive!  Considering that white2tea’s sale was mainly just free shipping which actually targets smaller purchases not larger ones, you can imagine the sales volume.  Probably closer to $20,000 in 24hrs, would be my guess.  Good sale Paul, a step up from last year for sure.  Thanks in advance for drawing my order number for the 3 KG Qing bing giveaway, I appreciate that.

I think there were many cakes to completely sell out this year as well.  I ended up purchasing from 3 different vendors this year while managing to stay on budget.  Two cakes I purchased from two different vendors had quickly sold out.

I haven’t heard anything from the other vendors but I can imagine that everyone made off in good shape.

Thanks for an amazing sale and interesting marketing experience, you guys are the best.

For those of you that never got close to spending your allotted puerh budget this Black Friday/ Cyber Monday (yeah right), Tea Urchin is offering something different.  Tea Urchin, whose prices are already pretty reasonable, decided to skip Black Friday and do a December month long  10% off sale.  Nice.



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