Saturday, March 18, 2023

2017 BaoHongYinJi Wanggong: Astringent Power & Strongly Disarming Qi!

 This 2017 BaoHongYinJi Wanggong is a part of the

vertical set offered by Liquid Proust.  It’s a strong one…

Dry leaves have a faint bread-like with a creamy fruity candy sweetness.

First infusion has a creamy sweet milky sweetness that turns into an almost fruity quality there is a vibrant sweet tastes left in the mouth that is almost carrot and dirt like and almost cherry-strawberry like. Nice smooth chalky mouthfeeling with a slightly stickiness.  Relaxing focusing peace reaches over me.

Second infusion has a creamy sweet milky woody onset with a bit of a smooth but gripping mouthfeeling.  Has some astringent pucker to it and a spacy mind Qi.

Third infusion is creamy sweet almost milky woody and full feeling in the mouth with an oily mouthfeeling with mild pucker.  The sweetness and saliva return with an oily pop of cherry sweetness that makes the mouth feel sticky. 

Fourth infusion has a sour grape sour cherry onset with significant puckering sour taste.  Sour and astringency are stronger here with cherry fruity sweetness underneath the gripping mouthfeeling and sour tastes.  The astringency can be felt in the stomach a bit.

Fifth infusion sour milky sweet fruity almost carrot woody but creamy and slightly oily.  Nice returning almost coco tastes.  Strong spacy Qi makes me feel tired and unfocused.

6th has a sour punch of fruity taste with astringent and oily feeling and texture.  Strong Qi kicks my ass into some form of uselessness which is never my preferred state at work…totally spaced out and useless and the astringency is felt in my stomach as well here.  Some obvious strength of youth playing out.

7th has a peachy fruity oily viscus taste.  Nice returning sweet fruity taste a bit sour and astringent.  I need to step away from this pot until tomorrow… too strong for me now…

8th is picked up the next day… mild woody bitter fruity taste her with a mainly woody profile after the leaves were left in the pot for a day…  Feel some Qi in the Chest.  Mild spacy focusing.

9th has a candy sweet slight sour pucker sweetness there is a chalky dense mouthfeeling and oily texture with a mouthwatering effect strong chest opening and spacy Qi.  Long sweet cherry fruity finish in the mouth and deep in to the throat.

10th has a bitter woody onset with a lesser cherry sour sweet taste.  The mouthfeeling is a bit puckering but thinning.  Woody slight dry taste left in the mouth.  Chesty Qi with a spacy vibe and heavy shoulders.

11th infusion is left to cool and has a fruity taste with a faint cool pungent finish and creamy finish.  Nice Chest beats, heavy shoulders, and spacy energy.

12th has a bitter tart woody cherry fruity sweet taste over a chalky dry gripping taste.  Nice returning sweetness and puckering tastes a bit astringent.  Spacy energy.

This is the most astringent young and powerful of the BaoHongYinJiWangong vertical.  Lots of astringency, heavy shoulders bodyfeeling, and a Qi that renders me useless.  Long sweet cherry that at times is sour but can get deep into the throat.


Saturday, March 11, 2023

2015 BaoHongYinJi Wanggong: More Mild and Balanced

This was the third sample from this BaoHongYinJi Spring Wanggong vertical Sample set purchased from Liquid Proust.  

Dry leaves smell of sweet creamy slightly woody odours.

First infusion has a creamy woody sweet tastes with a cherry fruity pop of tastes and a fluffy expanding creamy sweet progression that makes the mouth water.  There is a long creamy sweet aftertaste that makes the mouth water.  Lots of saliva producing wet and oily mouthfeeling.  Feel Qi in the Chest and mind feels happy…

Second infusion has an oily creamy pop of cherry and lots of slavia producing and deep throat opening effect.  Lots of sweetness develops with cherry fruity and creamy lots of saliva and delicious tastes…

The third infusion has a sour sweet cherry pop of taste with very oily and saliva producing slight sour astringent taste.  Lots of layers of sweetness in these Wanggong.  Strong Chest Qi developing here.  Limbs and shoulders heavy.

4th is left to cool and has a smooth caramel rich oily taste with layers of creamy sweet and tropical fruity tastes.  Delicious rich layered in sweetness here… Yummy!  Nice oily taste. Chest Qi.

5th is left to cool and has a caramel pungent cooling creamy rich sweet onset with hints of tropical fruity tastes.  Thick delicious sweet tastes.  Mouthfeeling is wet and oily fluffy.  Nice saliva returning and deep throat opening.  Nice relaxing Qi.

6th has an oily rich creamy sweet with a pop of cherry and a caramel finish.  Oily and faintly silty mouthfeeling with deeper throat opening and less returning saliva taste now. Nice pungent cool across the profile as well.  Chest opening Qi with a relaxing mild spaciness.

7th has a juicy fruity creamy pop of taste then transitions to a more creamy vanilla pudding taste.  Chest opening and mild spacy relaxing.  Pungent taste throughout and a slight stick lips and roof of mouth.  Faint silty mouthfeeling.

8th is a 30 second infusion oops… it turns out more sour and fruity up front with a sour very mild astringent pucker with creamy sweet tastes emerging underneath.  Saliva producing tastes.  Sour tropical fruity/cherry tastes is throughout the profile here.  Mild spacey relaxing feeling.  Shoulders feel light and chest open.

9th infusion is left to cool and gives off a creamy woody sweetness with a mouthwatering feeling and cool pungent throughout.  Calm spacy mild Qi with some open Chest and shoulders bodyfeeling.

10th has a woody mild fruity taste with hints of bitter-sweet coco over fruity tastes.  Mild tastes now with a mild oily mouthfeeling.  Nice sweet finish in the mouth. Nice mild relaxing spaciness.

This 2015 is a more mild version of the early samples or a balance of high quality Qi of the 2013 and power of the 2014.  Not as nice as either earlier samples but still a nice Gushu Wangong.

Shah8’s Tasting Notes


2014 BaoHongYinJi Wangong: Invigorating Qi Wanggong!

This was the next series of posts features BaoHongYinJi Spring Wanggong vertical Sample set purchased from Liquid Proust.   After the 2013 last post I was ready for some top grade Wangong and this didn’t let me down…

Dry leaves have a sweet fruity odour to them almost dried fruity like.

First infusion has a grains cereal onset with a woody grain emerging sweetness over a watery and subtle lubricating feel.  There is a long candy like finish here… really nice.  Strong Qi Chest opening.

Second infusion has a caramel fruity and pungent full mouth sweetness with some faint smoke woody far in the distance the taste is really dense and full and has a pop of dense layered fruity tastes.    The mouthfeeling and throatfeeling is of opening and chalky full feeling.  Nice lubricating saliva.  Coco tastes minutes later as well as floral tastes.  Lots going on very full with strong Qi, quite satisfying.

Third infusion has a fruity cherry coco pop of oily and dense cherry coco sweetness.  Very nice rich taste.  Some more distinct coco bitterness here but also quite oily texture and a silty full mouth- and throat-feeling.  Vibrant cherry fruity taste with faint smoke and coco dense and long finish.  Some creamy sweet tastes in there.  Strong Chesty Qi with a bit of warmth to flush the face. 

Fourth is left to cool and gives off an oily fruity pop of tastes creamy and fruity with a faint smoke and deep rich coco finish.  Dense presentation of flavor in an oily texture and smooth silty full mouth and throat with deep throat opening. Strong spacy Qi with stimulating Chest beats. This Qi is a bit more invigorating that the 2013 more energetic flow and less limbs and body floating.

The fifth is left to cool and gives off a smooth almost caramel sweet creamy very faint incense smoke.  There is a silty mouthfeeling and throatfeeling with deep throat opening and a coco finish in the mouth with some creamy sweet edges.  Nice Chest energy and energetic spacy Qi.

The sixth infusion has a milky caramel almost creamy fruity onset that moves to a slightly woody but more prominent bitter-sweet coco.  Strong Chest beats and energetic mind euphoria.  Smooth silky silty mouthfeeling and throatfeeling.  Chalky coco long finish.

Okay I lost a few of the infusions here but I’m onto the long mug steeping and its really perfume, rich berry pop in the initial taste with a berry cherry fruity oily taste.  The rich oily taste is really satisfying to me.  Has a pungent coolness throughout that expands in the mouth and throat over an oily silty full feeling a bit of creamy taste appears with fruity and mild coco.  It almost tastes like one of those cherry chocolate candies you get in a box of chocolates.  Strong Qi races the chest and alerts the mind… Oops I won’t be sleeping until late tonight… better post some blog posts!


Friday, March 10, 2023

2013 BaoHongYinJi Wanggong: Excellent Wanggong!

These next series of posts features BaoHongYinJi Spring Wanggong vertical Sample set purchased from Liquid Proust.  I was super impressed by these Wanggong some of the best I’ve tried from the region with excellent storage on them.

Dry leaves have a sweet fruity floral woody odour.

First infusion has a light fresh sweet floral and pear fruit onset.  Light sugar finish in the mouth with a very pure and clean profile.  Mouthfeel has a bit of oily taste feels light and fluffy with a bit of throat deep stimulation and salivation.  Peaceful feeling this early in the morning.

Second infusion cooled down has a woody sweet cereal grains taste with a deep throat opening and faint sugar finish.  The taste here surprised me a bit compared to the first infusion.  Peaceful Qi sensations.

Third infusion has a sour fruity taste with oily splash of tastes.  There is some cereal grains taste and some astringency underneath.  The mouthfeeling is a bit pulling and tight the throat feeling goes deep into the throat and tugs at it slightly with some mild saliva producing.  Strong floating spaced out body and mind feeling takes hold.

Fourth is left to cool and has a sweet cookie dough taste that is really nice- bready, sweet, but some coco in there as well with lots of mouthwatering finish.  Nice peaceful Qi wraps around me.

Fifth is also left to cool and gives off a milky bready cookie dough taste with subtle coco finish and creamy sweet aftertaste.  Nice peaceful Qi slight spaced out feeling of body floating.

6th is left to cool and gives off a fruity caramel coco onset with long creamy sweetness.  There is a dep throat sensation with a creamy cool coco taste.  Nice peaceful and slight floating spaciness. The mouthfeeling is soft but full.

7th infusion has a fruity creamy coco taste with a long candy like creamy coco finish.  The mouthfeeling is a soft slight lubricating chalkyiness that goes down the throat. Strong spacey Qi with some body floating.

8th is left to cool and has a woody coco bitterness with a juicy oily fruity lingering sweetness in the aftertaste.  Nice Qi feeling of peaceful floating.  

9th infusion has a bitter of bitter coco but nice oily fruity tastes as well long creamy sweet fruity finish with creamy sweet and slightly bitter coco. Beautiful spacy euphoria with body lightness and chest expanding happiness.

10th has a bitter coco woody creamy oily sweetness.  Very nice creamy sweet taste and bitter coco balance with strong mind-body transforming Qi.  Nice chalky smooth full coating and deeper throat opening.

11th has a coco bitter creamy sweet oily taste nice coco creamy and sweet balance no dry woody tastes just the good stuff!  Chalky mouthfeeling. 

12th has a bitter sweet cherry fruity taste thick and oily in the mouth nice cooling with oily saliva returning in a chalky silty mouthfeeling.  Strong Spacy but happy lively feeling.  Limbs light and floating.

13th is steeped out the following day… it has a fruity mellow watery vibe…

Its time for the mug steeping of spent leaves…

Nice strong classic Wanggong Qi experience here with strong mind-body transforming spacy Qi sensations over fruity sweet and long coco bitter tastes- a very good Wanggong.


Tuesday, March 7, 2023

2013 BaoHongYinJi/ Wistaria Zhenren Yufeng: Harmoniously Long Sweet

 This is the famous blend collaboration between BHYJ and Wistaria the 2013 BaoHongYinJi/ Wistaria Zhenren Yufeng that goes for approx. $331.00 for 357 g cake or $0.92/g.  I got this as a free gift with purchase.

The long leaves have a very fruity odour with some bready scent as well.

First infusion has a watery woody taste that reminds me of Japanese Twig tea.  It has a faint fruity sweetness in there but mainly a dry bitter twig taste.  Faint creamy candy Yiwu like finish.

The second infusion has a rich creamy oily thick viscus and chalky mouthfeeling.  There are dry woody bark twig tastes balance with more prominent creamy sweet thick full creamy sweetness.  The body of this puerh is really nice stuff!  The thick chalky oily texture lays it on thick and the sweet creamy long taste seems to stick around forever.  This is really nice stuff that reminds me immediately of 2006 Wistaria Taihe.

The third infusion has a creamy thick oily mouthfeel sweetness.  There is this long creamy almost candy and honey long sweet thick taste. Nice full chalky fluffy mouthfeeling that has edges of stickiness in the throat and lips.  Qi is harmonious in the body and makes the body feel light with a bit of chest opening and limbs heavy. 

The fourth infusion has a creamy thick oily chalky sweet onset there is some dry twig but less now and a returning fruity sweetness and long cooling breath.  The aftertaste is creamy bready candy chalky full sweetness.  The mouthfeeling is really nice here with a full thick oily/chalky feeling but also some faint tight edges that really push the sweet taste far.

The fifth infusion has a woody watery taste initially that sort of has a sweet bready finish in the mouth.  There is a faint sweetness over a faint chalky and with sticky edges feeling in the mouth. The thickness and oily texture is not there like it was in the first few infusions.  Chest opening and light limbs.  

The 6th has a watery creamy sweetness that almost tastes like Lucky Charms cereal.  The sweet tastes linger in the mouth.  There is a long mild creamy sweet taste now.  It lingers long in the mouth over a chalky feeling.  Mind relaxing with deep breathing.

7th has an oily clear faint candy watery taste.  The mouthfeeling and throatfeeling has softened with a faint long candy.  The profile weakens quickly but what is left is smooth.

8th is water with faint woody and not much sweetness…  There is no bitter or astringency at all throughout the session this is a really smooth a layered experience that unfortunately fades out within the first handful of infusions.

The mug steepings… have a dry woody taste to them.  The Qi is super strong in a calm way- you can really feel the chest heavy and limbs light with shoulders heavy.  Super chill energy here.


Thursday, March 2, 2023

2014 BaoHongYinJi Bo He Tang: Deep Throat Flavours and Peace Out Qi

 I picked up a sample of this 2014 BaoHongYinJi Bo He Tang which goes for approx. $1295.00 for 357 g cake or a crazy $3.63/g.  Famous puerh area…

Dry leaves smell of pure sweet fresher fruity smells.

First infusion has a soft creamy peachy taste with a creamy sweetness that is left in the mouth.  Pure and peachy and creamy with a soft mouthfeeling and deep throat opening where the creamy sweetness slowly expands.

Second infusion has a creamy woody almost oat meal/ woody taste with an emerging sweetness of fruits with a deep throat transformation to creamy sugary sweetness deep in the throat.  Really nice classy thing happening here.  Peaceful Qi feeling.

Third infusion has a coco mild quick bitterness that moves toward some faint fruity and chicory taste.  Almost evolves into a licorice with some creamy fruity edges.  Nice lingering fruity coco deep in the throat.  A soft mouthfeeling with teeth coating.

The fourth infusion has a fruity coco taste that turns sweet sugar in the mouth with a lingering fruity coco finish deep in the throat.  Nice deep almost brown sugar evolution.  The mouthfeeling is more chalky and substantive here now.  Peaceful Qi with warming feeling expanding in chest and face.

5th infusion is left to cool and gives off a delicious chocolate cooc with icing sugar layer.  The sweetness expands and is long in the throat.  Nice soft chalky feeling.  Overall a pure sweetness with an edge of bittersweet.

6th has a delicious chocolate almost oat taste with a faint almost sort of fruity sweet taste and an expanding sugar/ brown sugar creamy sweetness in the throat.  Nice soft chalky mouthfeeling with teeth coating and deep throat opening.  Very peaceful feeling in the body and mind.

7th has a woody oat almost fruity but more of a chocolate taste.  Nice thicker slight dry chalky mouthfeeling with a woodier feeling now.  The creamy sweetness is deep in the throat.  There is a vegetal taste in the throat now too.  More gripping mouthfeeling.  Nice peaceful sort of spaciness. Heavy shoulders.

8th is left to cool and has a woody fruity taste with a chalky mouthfeeling.  What makes this puerh great besides how pure and nice it feels in the body and mind is this expanding deep creamy sweetness in the throat.

9th is put to a 30 second steeping and left to cool and gives off a woody creamy sweet faint coco breath taste with a nice peacefulness to it. 


I got back to the leaves the next day… and the 10thflash steeping is a watery woody slightly sweet tasting. The 11th I push it into a 5 minutes steeping and it’s left to cool and has a bitter rich buttered toffee sweetness.  Nice sandy mouthfeeling with deep throat cooling and sweetness lingering there. Nice gripping stimulating mouth- and throat-feeling.  Long woody sweet mouth salivating sweetness.  Peaceful Qi feeling. 

Shah8’s Tasting Notes


2014 BaoHongYinJi Bingdao “Exclusive Reward” DiJie: Powerful Coco Bitter

 This 2014 BaoHongYinJi “Exclusive Reward” Bing Dao Dijie goes for approx. $294 for 357 g cake or $0.82/g.  I got a free sample for review here…

Dry leaves have an almost prune odour to them.

First infusion has a flat woody coco onset with a bit of tongue tip tingling and stickiness.  There is a faint lurking raison taste.  Thin fine sandy mouthfeeling with some throat stimulation.  Very mild cooling breath.

Second infusion has a raisin prune slight bitter onset with a creamy sugar mid profile.  There is a subtle taste of dried fruits in the aftertaste.  The profile is cloaked in a strong even tugging slight dryness.  There is mainly a flat bitter coco paired with this mouth- and throat-feeling.  Qi can be felt in the heart.  

Third infusion has a bitter sour prune raisin onset with a long lasting bitterness over a full fine sandy/dry/ gripping bitter mouthfeeling and throatfeeling.  Faint cooing finish with some suggestions of dried fruits but mainly just bitter.

Fourth infusion has a bitter sour woody dried fruity onset with a cool creamy mid profile and a bitter almost faint dried fruit finish.  The dominating taste here that extends through the profile is the bitter.  There is a bit of flushed face and warm chest and a bit of mind spacing out.

The 5th is left to cool and has a fruity perfume bitter coco onset with a coco that stretches deep into the throat and a tight sandy slight tugging bitter mouthfeeling.  The mind feels spacy and the Heart and chest warming.  The face flushes and you can understand that the Qi is quite warming.

6th has a dried fruity almost date floral perfume onset with a bitter-sweet coco core taste that stretches across the profile and deeper into the throat.  A flat slight drying bitter mouthfeeling. There is a decent about of oily texture to here giving it a full layered feeling.  The subtle suggestion of faint cool and faint sweet dried fruity dates is under the bitter coco aftertaste.

7th has a fruity floral perfume bitter coco onset with a moderate gripping mouthfeeling and throatfeeling.  There is some saliva producing from the effect.  Nice warming feeling in the face and chest which is pretty strong.  There is a bit of faint sweet fruity taste in the finish.  Spacy feeling in the mind.

8th has a coco bitter sweet onset with some oily texture and ashy woody taste now for the first time.  There is a creamy sweetness underneath less floral and fruity but the mouthwatering throat stimulation is more so is the heat!  Lots of building Qi warmth that breaks me into a sweat. Chest opening face sweating.

9th has a fruity coco sweet slight oily bitter ashy onset.  With a long bitter profile over a slightly tight slight dry full feeling mouth and throat. Some sweetness but more bitter than sweet. Warming Qi in face and heart.  Spacy feeling.

10th infusion starts off quite bitter with a ashy woody coco bitter onset with not much sweetness seen over the stronger bitter profile.  Drying bitter mouth- And throatfeeling.  Warming spacey Qi experience.  I’m liking the bitter.

11th is left to cool and gives off a sweet coco with an oily texture and long bitterness with an ashy taste.  Nice long bitter coco over a slight tugging mouth-and throatfeeling.  Warm and spacy Qi.

12th gives off a sweet coco taste with some sweet and bitter flavor.  Its more bitter now but a bit of cool breath and sweetness has a hard time getting throught the bitterness. Nice warm Qi and spacy Qi.

Mug steepings give off a nice creamy floral perfume bitter sweet but really creamy and chalky feeling in the mouth with a mainly creamy sweet and coco bitter-sweetness.  These leaves still have lots of stamina.

Overall, a Bingdao area puerh with not too much typical Bingdao character but lots of power and strength.   Its spacy Qi and coco taste are some of the more typical Bingdao characteristics but its strong warming Qi and stronger perfume floral and date/prune tastes are not as common in my experience.  I like the power and taste.  It seems that many of the BHYJ puerh I am sampling here have an interesting perfume floral quality from them and more of a drier storage.

Shah8's Tasting Notes