Saturday, July 6, 2024

Big Gushu Qi: 2017 Green Mark Guo Gan

I remember having a really good blind session with a free sample of the 2019 Guo Gan sent from Paolo of a few years ago.  They ended up offering this 2017 Green Mark Guo Gan for approx $205.00 for 400g cake or $0.51/g.  This was a free sample for review…

Dry leaves have a dry sweet forest odour.

First infusion has a vibrant pungent spice forest taste.  There is a watery spicy taste with a sticky mouthfeel.  Spacy high begins.

Second infusion has a talc sweet berries taste with a salty finish.  Sticky mouthfeel and squeaky teeth.  Slight pucker.  Faint taste of pumpkin, spice, sugar.  Spacy strong  escape high. Strong space out Qi hits me hard.

Third infusion has cooled just a bit and has lime bitter sweet taste almost Carmel faint glimpses. The caramel is faint but lingers into the aftertaste. Big spacy high feeling. Limbs heavy feeling in body.

Fourth infusion has a bitter woody lime salty onset there is some faint caramel emerging in the aftertaste. Sticky mouthfeel with pucker. Very spacy high feeling with heavy limbs is a nice quality Qi feeling. The taste is a bit awkward here. Can feel it a bit on my empty stomach too.

Fifth infusion has a creamy caramel bitterness woody bland taste.  Very akward stage in its aging right now.  Cool breath and squeaky feeling in mouth.  A bit hard on my empty stomach.  Spacy night with light limbs but a bit distended stomach from the mild bitter astringency.  Sort of spicy warming spice aftertaste.

Sixth infusion has a watery sweet onset with an almost bitter bland floral dry taste.  Some wet feel over a sticky dry feeling face flush and deep sigh with spacy feeling.  Cool breath. 

7th has a watery juicy fruity oily taste not so much sweet but sort of buttery floral with cool breath.  Spacy high.

8th has a bland watery sweet taste with a sticky dry mouth deep spacy high with heavy limbs… 

I put the spent leaves in a long thermos infusion it’s fresh lime and melon oily and sandy.  Big qi very tasty here with hints of coco.  Qi really took me somewhere today!

This one is about the big Qi…. It seemed I liked the 2019 Guo Gan maybe a bit better than this one… not sure…

Alex (Tea Notes) Tasting Notes


Friday, July 5, 2024

Comparison Tasting: 2019 Tea Encounter Lincang Yesheng vs Tea Masters

It is rather fitting that I put this 2019 Tea Encounter Lincang Yesheng to a comparison tasting with the 2019 Tea Masters Lincang Yesheng that I posted yesterday.  This was the first Tea Encounter pressing I sampled way back in 2019- the first year they pressed their own puerh cakes.  You can see my original post here.  Just like I toasted Stephane for 20 years of tea blogging yesterday, today I toast Tiago and Tea Encounter for 5years of pressing cakes!  Like every year since, expect some posts on Tea Encounter’s latest 2024 line up!

Dry leaves have a sweet dry fruity woody bready odour.

Rinsed leaves have a very sweet cherries and bread sweetness.

First infusion has a grassy fresh refreshing lime and berries taste with rubbery forest faint and cooling finish. A rubbery forest returning minutes later. Open chest and spacy feeling.  The rubbery woody Forest taste is very long.

Second infusion has a fresh lime sweet bready mouthwatering onset.  With long cooling breath.  There is a sweet bready taste on the breath.  Strong floating body leaving effect.  

Third infusion has a sweet bready taste with long rubbery forest finish. The mouthfeel is sticky.  qi is floating and spacy.  Cooled it has a very bready sweetness to it more than rubber- forest.

Fourth infusion has a grassy lime sweetness with a bready sweet mid-profile. Long rubbery forest finish. Out of body with floating feeling with some energy from the chest beats. 

5th has a watery fresh refreshing taste of almost lime-melon.  Long rubbery forest.  Big qi floating with chest beats feeling.

6th ooops was a long infusion it has a vibrant lime- melon taste with a sweet bready finish.  Mouthwatering and thirst quenching.  Floating body.

7th watery lime melon with a long rubbery first after a sweet bready mid-profile.  Strong chest beats and face flush with floating out of body strong Qi.

Overnight mug infusion of spent leaves is fruity fresh and oily with long sweet taste.

Vs 2019 Tea Masters Lincang Wild Arbour

These are both wild teas/Yesheng of the same broader area and year- they also both have very dry stored with the Tea Encounter being dry stored with me since fresh and Temasters is sealed storage since fresh.  The Tea Encounter is much more powerful and in your face with strong bolder Qi sensation and more pronounced Yesheng/wild tea characteristics.  The Teamasters is really more ethereal and much smoother with a deeper feeling and strong bodyfeeling.  A nice comparison here!


Thursday, July 4, 2024

Happy 20th Anniversary Tea Masters Blog: 2019 Teamasters Lincang Wild Old Arbor

Congratulations to Stephane’s 20th anniversary of his Tea Masters Blog!!!! I have been reading that on and off for almost as long!  As a toast to Stephane I am sampling this 2019 Spring Wild Old Arbour Lincang free sample he had sent me a few years ago sealed air tight.  I was saving it for a special occasion and this is it!

Dry leaves have a vibrant strawberries and cherries almost floral odour.

Rinsed leaves have a very fruity fresh vibrancy to them with mouthwatering cherries, currants, and strawberries also a forest odour.

First infusion is the rinse and it comes off quite sweet watery and vibrant with grapes, cherries, plum, sweetness popping in the mouth. Thirst quench and refresh with a floating spacy mild feeling in the body. There is a long sweet finish with a faint rubbery forest subtly. 

Second infusion is left to cool and is very sweet with fresh fruity blend of taste.  The mouthfeel is oily and soft over the tongue the mind is spacy and shoulders float to the ears.  Overall pure quenching happy feeling.  Minutes lang returning taste is of strawberries slight floral and forest taste.

Third infusion has a buttery almost floral-forest taste.  Oily feeling with long sweet cool breath. I feel light with some chest lightness and shoulders floating.  Long almost banana taste in the profile with a minutes long return of forestry almost rubber.  With long cooling. Mainly banana and faint forest-rubber taste linger.

Fourth has a watery buttery sweet slight fresh fruity taste icing sugar sweetness bananas.  Cool breath with light fresh forest taste. Relaxing calm. Faint warm spice notes emerge and soft sandy feeling developing.

Fifth infusion has a spicy warming taste with forest and faint fresh banana underneath.  The spicy warm notes are dominant and a subtle opening chest feeling and light shoulders bodyfeeling.  Slight sticky sandy mouthfeeling.  Cooled down it has a buttery almost floral warming spice taste.

Sixth infusion is a watery slight sandy forest slight rubbery taste slight spice complex but lighter now.  Soft sandy sticky feeling. 

7th infusion has a spice woody Forest sweet taste over a sticky sandy feeling.  Chest and shoulders light feeling.

8th watery sandy texture not much left in this maocha.  Faint sweet and cool breath.  Spacy head expanding qi still in there…

In an overnight mug steeping of the spent leaves it is fresh cooling pungent almost minty.  There is a purest of fresh fruity berries and cherries in the minutes long returning taste.  Nice chalky oily sweet taste very pure and vibrant with deep loving Qi feeling and light chest and limbs.


2005 XiZiHao LaoBanZhang: Nice Dry Storage

I got this sample of 2005 Xi Zi Hao Lao Ban Zhang from Liquid Proust a few years ago but just trying it for the first time now.  It was back on my radar recently and I was going to sample it when I did those Bulang Gushu samples from TeasWeLike but my mind was too blown away from those sessions!  So I decided to sample it back-to-back with another earlier Xi Zi Hao the 2006 Xi Zi Hao Ban Po Lao Zhai last post but these two are really not much alike at all…

 Dry leaves have a dry creamy woody sweet odour.  Seems like nice dry storage here…

Rinsed leaves have a woody very sweet creamy almost almond aroma.

First infusion has a woody very creamy sweet onset. Very nice dry storage brings out the uninterrupted creamy cottony sweetness.  Salivating producing with a soft mouthfeel.  Body and neck tingles. Subtle floating spaciness.

Second infusion has a creamy sweet woody onset with some lips sticking and creamy almost candy cottony sweet finish.  Very clear dry storage tastes. Embody and face tingles and subtle relaxed floating.  Deep throst stimulating with strong soft candy creamy sweet return. Chalky sticky mouthfeel.  Slow pounding chest beats.

Third infusion has a creamy sweet onset that pops into a slight mild bitter wood then transforms into a longer sweet creamy woody almost candy sweetness.  There is a faint menthol edge to it.  A peaceful out of body stillness takes hold.

Fourth infusion has a watery woody sweet onset with mild sweet returning taste a creamy sweet almost candy. Still a peaceful out of body stillness feeling with slow heartbeats.

Fifth has a woody sweet faint menthol onset with some salivating mid and faint deep throat with sweet creamy cottony finish.  Nice stillness of mind. The cooled down cup has a sweet creamy almost candy woody that is a touch sour wood in the middle profile but has a long sweet creamy almost candy finish.  Spacy stillness feeling with subtle face tingling.

6th infusion has a creamy sweet candy like sweetness with an almost sour woody mid profile.  Long creamy sweet finish with mind slowing stillness.  Cooled down it has a creamy almost candy sweetness with some throat stimulation and soft mouthfeel.  

7th has a soft cottony sweetness slight candy over a soft fluffy mouthfeel almost faint menthol wood then long creamy sweet with throat stimulation and still mind feeling subtly tingling feeling in body with slow chest beats.

8th has a creamy sweet onset very clear flavours.  There is a bit of a burst of sweet creamy almost cherry then some woody almost bitter mid that moves quickly to sweetness again. Big slow chest beats justaposed with subtle body tingling. 

9th watery sweet creamy sweet with subtle woody menthol and long sweet finish.  Not as sweet or flavourful more watery but clear flavours in this dry storage. Big chest beats.

10th has a watery sweet onset with a woody mid profile and sweet finish.  Slight sandy soft mouthfeel.  Big slow chest beats and subtle tingles. 

11th has a bland watery creamy woody sweetness.  A sweetness throughout but still big slow chest beats is stronger than ever!  

A steep out the spent leaves for a few days and it is a sweet melon taste oily and sort of ashy but long sweet taste.  Thick juicy melon sweetness with vibrant pop and oily coco sweet melon finish.  Slight cooling but mainly thick sweetness.

This is a very nicely dry stored more Etherial in taste and feel than strong.  Its has that characteristic LaoBanZhang with that burst of sweet flavour and quick bitterness at times not as powerful as the 2006 Xi Zi Hao Black Wrapper nor as rich as the Old Tree Early Bulang Single Origin which I both prefer.  However, a really nice early example of a pure and ethereal LaoBanZhang stored the right way for such a thing which was a real treat for me!

Hobbes’ (The Half-Dipper) Tasting Notes

Shah8’s (Sheng of the Day) Tasting Notes


2006 Xi Zi Hao Banpo Lao Zhai

I believe the sample was mid labeled and is actually the famous 2006 Xi Zi Hao Ban Lao Zhai.  It has been offered by many western facing puerh vendors but this sample is from…. After sampling lots of very high quality Ban Po Lao Zhai from Puerist over the last few days I was eager to finally try some quality more aged Puerh from is area…

Dry leaves have a hay and woody odour.

First infusion has a floral dirt root veggie taste with a turnip carrot finish.  There is a mid brassy sweetness that comes and goes faintly. Sort of fallen leaf floral finish in mouth.  Face flushing.

Second infusion has a woody floral camphor root veggie taste.  The cooled cup has a dirt and root veggie with cooling breath a subtle floral throughout. There is a subtle fresh fruity sweet taste in the finish. Stuffy and heavy head feeling. 

Third infusion has a watery sweet fallen leaf bready sweet finish.  There is less floral and more cooling woody peat taste.  Bready sweet finish with sticky fine sandy taste. Overall brown sugars subtle root veggies woody fallen leaf.  

4th has a spice woody root veggie fallen leaf taste it’s overall mainly sweet but also bland subtle bitter. Uplifting Qi with face warmth.  Sweet almost fresh fruity finish. Nice low register happy upbeat high building that isn’t super strong but very satisfying today… it’s making me feel great!

5th infusion has a watery sweet rot veggie almost floral creamy sugary sweet with pungent coming not really camphor.  Creamy sweet fallen leaf peat finish. Overall sweet tastes.

6th is left to cool and is a sweet oily pungent cooling sort of root veggie with clear sugary base.  Overall sweet throughout but smooth mild bitterness. I like the upbeat Qi makes me feel refreshed.

7th has a watery sweet sugar taste with a root veggie fallen leaf creamy sweet icing sugar finish.  Sweet finish in the mouth with nice energetic uplifting happy feeling some chest racing now.

8th infusion has a sweet onset almost bready sugar taste long clear sweet taste with bread and root veggies in the distance.  Nice energizing Qi feeling with strong chest beats now and happy energetic mild euphoria.

9th left to cool is quite sweet with a bready woody dirt taste a bit of mild bitterness and dry feeling in the mouth. The uplifting feeling continues and I feel great!

10th has a woody watery sweet taste some faint melon in the finish.  Quite watery now but still nice uplifting energy and chest thumps and warmth.

The overnight infusion of spent leaves is sweet with a bland root veggie taste.


Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Da Miao Comparison: 2020 Puerist Da Miao

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2019 Puerist Da Miao

This 2019 Puerist Da Miao goes for approx $101.00 for 200g cake or $0.50/g.  These notes were taken a few years ago…

Dry leaves smell of a creamy fruity very sweet mushroom vegetal odour.

The first infusion has a mushroom and woody onset that is slightly savoury underneath.  There is a yam note, mushroom, and woody with a pronounced creamy sweetness that expands in the mouth afterwards.  The mouthfeeling is a chalky density over the tongue.  A strong Qi right off the bat can be felt in the jaw and shoulders with a strong relaxing mind.

The second infusion has a creamy sweet layered creamy fruity sweetness with a long developing grape creamy sweet aftertaste.  This infusion is layers of thick sweetness over a full dense chalky mouthfeeling over the tongue and mid-deep throat opening with a distinct coolness.  There are some vegitals, mushroom, woody notes underneath the movement of sweet creamy tastes.  The Qi is strong in the body and mind.  

The third has a vegetal creamy almost bitter-astringent woody that faintly turns into thick creamy fruity sweet notes.  The mouthfeel is thick and dense and chalky and the throatfeeling is mid-to-deep with a creamy sweet faintly cooling being trapped in there.  The Qi is felt in the jaw and shoulders releasing it a bit.  The Heart also pounds a bit louder in the chest and the mind feels free and inspired.

The fourth has a sour woody mushroom vegetal astringent syrupy creamy fruitiness that pulls the saliva from the mouth over the tongue.  The long creamy sweet aftertaste layers the tongue and mouth with a full taste.  There is some suggestions of mushrooms and creamy sweet fruits in the long deep aftertaste.  The Qi is almost relaxing now and spacy.  Waves of relaxing lap up against my soul.

The fifth has a moderate astringency to it that pushes out very sweet creamy tastes.  The chalky mouthfeeling is becoming more puckering.  There is some mushroom and grain tastes, some denser syrup, creamy sweet, woods, even faint smoke notes.  Nice euphoric Qi with body feeling jaw and shoulder release.

The sixth infusion has a very vibrantly fruity orange-mango tropical fruity syrupy taste.  The mouthfeeling is silty and thick with a bit thicker oily texture here.  The fruity almost nutty coco aftertaste lingers in the mouth and down the throat.  There are less mushrooms and woods and a faint cooling creamy sweetness under thicker and more pronounced fruity orange-mango tropical nuances and coco bitterness.

The seventh infusion has a very thick syrupy fruity density to it very woody in this infusion, thick mushroom like woody tastes with a bitter coco finish on the tongue with lingering sweet papaya orange.  There is a lingering orange taste in the mouth with a bit of vegetal tastes and bitter coco. The Qi is strong in the mouth.

The eighth infusion has a creamy syrupy fruity onset with a creamy sweet undernieth.  The mouthfeeling is really desnse with peacy-mango notes and bitter coco in the aftertaste.  The sweet taste is really dense and thick and syrupy.  The mouthfeeling is really chalky and dense.  The Qi is relaxing with jaw and neck and shoulders bodyfeeling.

Ninth infusion has a sweet fruity syrupy onset with a mushroom and woody base.  There is a bitterness that comes and kind of expands in the aftertaste with a fruity sweet taste.  The mouth remains chalky and dense.  Calming Qi with shoulders and face release.

The 10th infusion has a vegital bitter astringent onset with some fruity taste that emerge.  The mouthfeel is almost a chalky pucker.  Calming mind with some Heart beats and tension relief in the body, shoulders and jaw.

11th has a bitter coco onset with some sweet fruity tastes that punch through but this infusion the bitter coco coats the mouth and tongue and gives it a dense and almost puckering coating.  The mouthfeeling is really satisfying with this puerh.

12th was left to cool and gives off a strong bitter coco and returning coolness in the throat that carries tropical fruity nuances and creamy sweet tastes. 

13th was cool again and gives off fruity but mainly coco tastes much the same as 12th with a big relaxing Qi feeling with still significant bodyfeelings.

14th has a grassier more salty muchroom taste with less bitter but more creamy sweetness.  With a long fruity taste in the mouth over a nice sticky dense coating.

Strong overall mouthfeeling and strong emerging flavours overall.  Thick dense tongue coating.  Nice evolution throughout the session with complex flavours.  Nice noticeable bodyfeeling with ;inhansed mood.