Thursday, November 8, 2018

Release Dates of Semi-Aged Puerh

Have you ever noticed that a lot of Western puerh vendors list their semi aged puerh finds in September/ October or late Winter/Early Spring?

This is something I have picked up on lately from mere observation. It makes sense for a few reasons.

During the Spring and, to a lesser extent, the Autumn puerh picking seasons our trusty vendors are probably too busy at work pressing their own branded materials to spend time trying to track down other products.  It’s in the off seasons that they might have extra time to attempt to find some semi aged treasures.

By the time late Winter/ very Early Spring comes around, puerh buyers have gotten quite board viewing the same years products for the last many long winter months and are eager for some new puerh to look at.  Basically, we get the springtime itch.  I think, it’s only natural to crave tea in the spring time- this is just a natural harmonious craving here.   The problem is that the new springtime puerh won’t be ready for release until Summer.  And they wouldn’t want the release of any semi-aged cakes to interfere with their bread & butter.  So, it is smart, from a vendor’s perspective, to release what semiaged finds they have dug up over the slower winter months in the early spring.

The second release season for semi aged puerh seems to be in the Autumn in Sept/October.  After we buyers have scooped up all the newly pressed vendor puerh that we have been waiting for all year and are feeling just about finished with our puerh buying, out drops a few interesting semi aged things!  This conveniently occurs in the weeks before Black Friday and months before any autumnal pressings are usually released.

Of course there are other vendors, Yunnan Sourcing, who pretty much just release them randomly throughout the year.  There is a giant selection found there at any time of the year which is pretty sweet.

Have you noticed these tends on releasing semi-aged puerh or is it just me?

I think these trends might change in the future as vendors like white2tea and the Essence of Tea make available their own delisted brand products at their liking.


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