Sunday, September 24, 2023

2023 Tea Encounter Wangong:Dazzling Sweetness!


I didn’t get a chance to try the now sold out 2022 Tea Encounter Wangong Xiaoshu so I was happy That I received a free 2023 to review.  This 2023 Tea Encounter Wangong goes for $75.00 for 200g cake or $0.38/g.

Dry leaves are a creamy forest slight faint barnyard.

First infusion is left to cool but gives off a dazzling sweet candy taste that shocks me with its sugary icing sugar taste.  There is some woody and Forest family under and close later.  Nice soft sandy tongue tip.  Peaceful qi feeling with subtle heady stuffiness.

Second infusion has a sweet almost candy onset with a corn and grains finish.  The watery mouthfeel has a fine sandy tip. The sweeter candy taste is quit strong when the liquid is cooled down with a woody edge.  Relaxing energy with some spacy feeling.

Third infusion has a woody ashy creamy sweet almost potato sweetness that hints at candy.  There is a fine sandy mouthfeel that peeks at the tongue tip.  Calm spacy feeling is mild to moderate.

Fourth infusion has a woody slight bitter with some candy pushing out.  Fine sandy mouthfeel and spacy qi that gives me a happy easy to laugh feeling.  

Fifth has a woody bland taste with a faint hiding woody almost melon sweetness on the faint cool breath.  You can feels some mild chest opening and mind calmness and spacing out.  

Sixth is overnight thermos. It comes out a bit mushroom, bitter, woody, floral, not that sweet but some melon taste in there.  Some moderate astringency and pucker.  Faint cooling with woody bitter melon finish.  Some chest sensations.

This one has a different feel than most other Wangong puerh I have tried before.  It‘s Qi definitely does not go as deep.  No too much Wanggong character Qi in these smaller leaves but rather hints of it.  If pushed harder a rainforest character comes out. The dazzling candy explosion the first few infusions is a really rare treat which I thoroughly enjoyed!


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