Sunday, September 17, 2023

2023 Tea Encounter Pasha Gushu: Complex Mind Qi

 This was in a free package of samples for review from good ol’ Tiago of Tea Encounter.  This 2023 TE Pasha Gushu goes for $115.00 for 200g cake or $0.58/g.

Dry leaves are very green with a piercing cooling pungent odour.

First infusion has a mild bitter pungent vegetal taste.  There is a low lingering cooling with a faint sweetness lingering on the breath.

Second has a smooth watery bitter vegital onset slight forestry bitter taste but faint florals emerging as well.  Chest beats and expansion feeling.  Nice sticky chalky reasonably full mouthfeeling with sensory expansive feeling.  I hear distant things clearly and my mind is active, focused, searching peacefully. Simultaneously relaxing and active qi. Spacey head, tingling elbows. Complex qi.

Third infusion has a complex vegetal Forest taste with bitterness that bites upfront.  There is a long floral taste and bitterness
Cooled infusion has a floral deep bitter cool pungency to it. Strong mind qi.

Fourth infusion has a watery forest vegital taste.  With a longer expanding floral note and bitter taste with sticky chalky mouthfeel.  Chest beats and expanding with mind fixing

6th is left to cool and is a vegital bitter floral onset with a moderate sticky chalky mouthfeel and chest expanding qi.  

7th has a bitter floral vegetal sort of a complex qi feeling with an expanding chest bodyfeeling and mind spacy but fine attention to all sensations.

8th I finished off with a long thermos steeping overnight… the next day it was very floral with sweet cherry underneath mild bitterness not as much as I thought.  Nice forestry cool pungency on the breath.  Nice bitter sweet balance.  Not really astringent.  Nice mind feeling.

This was my favourite of the 2023 Tea Encounter Gushus- powerful, flavour, and complex Qi.  It was also the one I was most excited about trying.  It was also the first I tried.


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