Wednesday, September 20, 2023

2023 Tea Encounter Douyishu: Ascension


This was the non Gushu tea that I was most excited about from the 2023 free sample package from Tea Encounter.  This 2023 Tea Encounter Douyishu goes for $110.00 for 200g or $0.55/g.  It was also the first non-Gushu from these offerings that I had sampled.  To me it offers both a Gushu-like experience and a BoHeTang-like experience.  Great value and interesting experience.  I’m not sure I have ever really tried a puerh like this before.

Dry leaves smell of a forestry almost gamey pungent.

First infusion has a creamy watery icing sugar taste with faint soft fluffy mouthfeel.

Second infusion has a watery creamy sugar taste with some forestry taste in there for depth.  A relaxing and mild spacy floating head sensation takes hold.  Long faint sugar taste with pure cooling mouth.  Soft fluffy mouthfeel. 

Third infusion has a watery woody almost almond taste with a faint lingering cooling.  Mild spacy qi feeling with some head floating extending bodyfeeling.  Some chest beats as well as strong ascending feeling.

Fourth infusion has a woody almost almond shell taste.  There is some icing sugar sweetness that lingers on the breath with a pure cool extension.  Strong Qi feeling in the mind with strong spaciness and chest beats with floating head feeling.

Fifth infusion is woody pure clean taste with long icing sugar taste with faint hand to grasp melon.  Strong chest beats build up in body with spacy feeling and floating body sensations.  Soft fluffy mouthfeeling.  Long fine cooling breath.

Sixth infusion has a woody onset with creamy icing sugar long fine cooling aftertaste.  Qi is quite strong- I like it.  

The seventh I overnight steep the leaves and it has a melon woody sugar taste that pops in the teeth.  This woody sugar long taste is nice BaoHeTang character and it is definitely found throughout this session.  Overall, this had most of the things I would expect in BaoHeTang.  Woody clear profile with long sugar like lingering taste and strong spacy qi with floating bodyfeeling- I like this one!



Anonymous said...

What do you mean when you write "I’m not sure I have ever really tried a puerh like this before" ?
Thank you for your reviews !

Matt said...


Maybe like you, I have tried hundreds possibly thousands of fresh puerh. Once in a while you stubble upon something that sticks out and offers something just a bit different. This is one such sample.


Anonymous said...

Matt, I am Anonymous who wrote the previous comment. I am drinking this tea now and I must admit it is quite spécial. Complex, strong on the mouth and on the body. Reminds me Walong, GFZ...Really nice tea. Lionel, France

Matt said...

Hi Lionel,

Nice to hear from you again. I decided to cake this one. It just seems a bit too interesting for me to pass up. Please add anything as far as notes or comments on this DouYiShu or any others from the 2023 Tea Encounter line up.