Saturday, September 23, 2023

2023 Tea Encounter Tongqinghe: 3 Strongs!

 I tired the 2021 Tea Encounter Tongqinghe and really liked it for its price.  Unfortunately, I devoured the whole sample up back then.  What I can remember was that is was much more complex in taste and feel to this 2023.  This 2023 Tea Encounter Tongqinghe goes for $58.00 for 200g cake or $0.29/g.  This 2023 has a strong intense flavour of bitter-grassy-floral which is very engaging- strong flavours…. I enjoy it’s intensity, still a good one for its price, even thought it seems not as complex and engaging as the 2021.  This 2023 has a bit more chopped leaf and less elegant material as the 2021…

Dry leaves have a creamy sweetness in green forest odour.

First infusion is a creamy limes woody green grass taste with a mild cooling lime and creamy woody finish.  Nice bubble in solar plexus area.

Second infusion has a green green taste like sencha green tea with a grassy taste and some bitterness.  There is that Thrills gum taste too.  Has a mainly floral finish and quality to it.  Strong abdominal warming bubbles.  Strong floral finish.  Strong chest beats.

Third infusion has a bitter grassy floral onset with and flat almost fine sandy mouthfeeling.  Strong energetic feeling in chest and mind.  Energizing.  Floral taste is dominant on breath and in aftertaste.  Strong invigorating qi.

Fourth infusion has a bitter- grassy- floral strong onset- strong flavours.  The floral is particularly interesting in this dense mix of tastes. Strong mouthfeeling of fine full stand.  And strong energetic qi- three strong!

Fifth infusion is a bit more woody than floral- bitter. A bit less intense but same flavour trio full on.  Strong intense energy.  There is no harshness what so ever despite its strength and bitterness.  Nice fine sandy full mouth- and throat feeling.

The sixth infusion I do a long overnight thermos steeping.  It has a bitter, floral quality that pops a sweet melon and candy like sweetness with a full fine sand mouth coating and lingering candy sweetness in the breath  ofand down the throat.  This puerh is strong and intense and this long infusion on an empty stomach I’m started to feel it beat up the guts a touch.  Its elegance is the the strong floral taste and long lingering candy sweetness.  Strong energy feeling It kept me up way past my bedtime!


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