Saturday, May 11, 2013

The First 2013 Korean Teas Are Now Available

It has been a cooler winter than average which has been the trend in Korea over the past decade. As a result the Saejak harvest is now underway. Most dealers here in the West don't start getting their Korean teas until after the saejak and then jungjak is picked. English speaking dealers on the ground in Korea however can start offering them immediately. Gabe from the Jiri Mountain Tea Shop has done just that.

The Jiri Mountain Tea Shop was the very first online tea shop to sell the 2013 harvest starting last week. The tea in question is a completely traditionally made first pick ujeon tea from one of the most traditional tea picking areas of Jiri mountain- land on the banks of the Seomjin river. The tea is produced by Lee Deok-Ju whose family has been producing traditional tea from the same area for 40 years.

The Jiri Mountain Tea Shop web site also offers a sample pack of 2013 Jirisan "Wild Korean Rock Tea". It is likely an balhyocha produced in a way similar as this traditionally made tea.

One has just updated the List of English Online Korean Tea Vendors and Their Korean Teas. Watch in the coming weeks as new 2013 teas make their way to these sites.



吉道 Giuseppe said...

Wednesday is pay day... I'll be heading to Kkikdageo as soon as I get off work! ;)

Matt said...


Saw your recent post of the old teamaster at Kkikdageo:

The pictures make it feel like we are sitting in the tea room at his big tea table- wonderful post!

Let us know how the new harvest is.


Sam Kim said...

Can't wait for new Korean teas. Your blog is a treasury of information.

Matt said...

Sam Kim,

Hope to read a few reviews on these new Korean teas on your blog.