Thursday, June 14, 2012

First Online English Tea Shops to Sell 2012 Korean Tea

Last week the first four English online tea shops posted the first of this year's 2012 Korean tea. Shan Shui Teas is offering 2012 harvest of all the teas they carried last year from Koryeo and a Jungjak from Ssangkye. Hankook Tea, which featured some of their early 2012 grades at the World Tea Expo, have these available online. Jiri Mountain Tea Company out of Korea has selected their teas for the season and include Ujeon green tea and Junjak "sunset" balhyocha from Kim Jong Yeol of Butea and Saejak from tea master Oh Si Yeong. Good Green Tea has put up for sale the limited 2012 ZeDa micro farmed Ujeon grade wild balhyocha with newly arriving teas being posted in the coming weeks.

It should be noted that if the harvest date is not specifically stated on the site you should always send the dealers a message to ensure that you recieve the freshest harvests. Often it is the pracitce of selling off last seasons tea before the fresh tea is put to market. However, if you contact the company, they will always send you the freshest in stock. Korean green tea has a shelf life of two years which is usually recorded underneath the box. In the tea shops of Korea the expiry date is unofficially one year after which the tea is usually given away or significantly reduced in price.

One has probably missed some of the dealers that are now selling 2012 Korean teas. If any readers know of any other dealers who have updated their Korean tea stock with 2012 teas please let us know so the Updated Online List of Korean Tea Shops can be updated accoringly.


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