Monday, July 14, 2008

How One Should Drink Samples of Tea

One drinks new tea, like one is meeting someone for the first time.

In this way the following quotations from Buddhist master, and current head of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, Beop Jeong, seem especially relevant. The following excerpts were taken from his book, May All Beings Be Happy.

In the world of tea, there is a phrase, “In one life, one meeting.”
It refers to the kind of karma that allows for but one meeting in an entire lifetime.
Looking across an individual's entire life,
and knowing that we have just this one time to share with them,
regarding it as the singular opportunity of a lifetime,
we cannot help but spend each moment meaningfully.

From “The Karma We Encounter But Once”

I want to send my warm gaze towards every single person I encounter.
Person by person, I want to become familiar with all of their faces.
I want to know their face, right here and now, such that in the next world, when I happen to chance across them on some street corner,
I can say, “Ah, well isn't it so-and-so?”
standing face to face, clasping their hand affectionately.

From “Autumn Is a Strange Season”



Anonymous said...

Wonderful It is!!I could not think any other phrase for this.And views about all varieties such as loose leaf tea, oolong tea etc are fantastic.
I do follow your posts.Please keep posting your views on teas regurarly

T.alain said...

Each new tea i meet is a new friend for me too...Drinking a tea with friends is also a wonderful time.
I wish you, Matt,many and many friends...
So peacefull blog.

geneviève meylan said...

I was looking in the web to find the website or more photos and informations of the coreen ceramists you are speaking about all over your blog but.... there is no informations... do you know if there is something about these so remarquable ceramists and their works ?? thanks for your blog : your photos and your way of tasting teas is precious !
peace for you too ---

Matt said...


Thanks for following.


Thanks for such warm words. Wishing you many friends as well!


Unfortunately, there is no English information and even very very little Korean information on these talented artists. Most artists just have an email address and maybe the history of which galleries they have displayed their art in. Posting about these ceramicists is an attempt to recognize and validate them and their inspiring art.

Thanks for bring your peace to this blog once again Ginkgo.