Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Closer Look At Three Different Kim Kyoung Soo Pots and One Bowl of Flowers


The lid of this pot was sutured with gold after it was damaged. Often damage or ware and tear of a pot can bring out its natural beauty. This is an excellent example of this.


The shape of this pot is particularly beautiful. It is cleverly, gracefully, and so evenly proportioned. The shape seems especially right when pouring tea from it.


This pot displays how the base can ground the pot. The top of this pot seems ill proportioned as its upper seems to share less space, yet the base and three legs pull one's attention down, grounding one's mind.



Tuo Cha Tea said...

Those numbers are dates of making?

Matt said...


Yes, the numbers are the date the pots were made or their 'birthday'.


The pot that was repaired was done so by Kim Kyoung Soo, the artist. Most pots in Korea can be sent back to the original artists for repair. If the original artist is dead, a living artist may take great care in putting their mark on another's piece. In this way the tea pot is always changing and evolving. I don't know anyone personally that will do these repairs but will check into the details and get back to you. By the look of some of the pots on your blog, you might really appreciate this service.


geneviève meylan said...

j'en reste sans voix ! magnifique théière vraiment ! une petite sculpture....
beautifull, I like the way of transforming a default to somenthing else for a better result.... it is a way of life..

Salsero said...

An unusual and lovely teapot. Thanks for sharing its story and these great photos.

Matt said...


Yes, it is a way of life. We can learn a lot from a tea pot.

One really enjoys your unique pots on your blog as well.


Always nice hearing from you.