Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Correction Notice and Introduction of Ceramicist Yun Sung Woun

Posted on this blog a few weeks ago was a story about drinking tea by the foot of the cauldron. One particular white cracked serving pot got a little attention.

One thought it was made by potter Kim Kyoung Soo. After asking the owner about the other beautiful pot in the post, one realized that a mistake had been made. The eye grabbing serving pot as well as the white ash speckled and cracked tea pot were both made by artist Yun Sung Woun not Kim Kyoung Soo as initially suspected.

Yun Sung Woun's works have been quite poplar in Korea. His cha hang a ree or large tea storage containers are particularly wonderful.

One style of cha hang a ree that is quite beautiful features a spinning, swiveling, cylindrical look.
One other style that has become popular features a square container that looks as if its made from old buckling wood boards or perhaps the bark of a tree. An interesting home for tea leaves indeed.

Unlike most Korean artists he has his own homepage where he displays large amounts of his art. Check it out by clicking on the 2nd link on the bottom left of the page, then just click on the dates. There's enough beautiful teaware pictured there to keep you happy and busy for a while.

The pictures at the end of this link feature some of his most interesting large tea containers, the media at the start are some of his wife's stunning works.



geneviève meylan said...

can you give the link directly in your blog? because I can't find it in google ! thanks !

Matt said...


The links are imbeded into the post as hyperlinks. All you have to do is move your cursor over the words 'homepage' , 'link', and 'drinking tea from the foot of the cauldron' and those words should change colour. Just click on them and enjoy.


geneviève meylan said...

thanks ! I have a great look and....just lost my words in front of some pieces and....the kiln ! waouh!