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Teas We Like Old Gushu Comparison: 2004 Old Tree Bulang Single Origin

Teas We Like was selling this comparison sample of Early 2000s Old Tree Bulang Tasting Set for $108.00 for two 20g samples.  

Dry leaves smell of faint dry wood.

Rinsed leaves have a rich resin coco odour.

First infusion has an oily resin bitters onset with a tingling mouthfeel and dry lips.  Chest pounding qi feeling.  Strong uplifting qi with happy excited kind.  Soft salivating mouthfeel.

Second has a clear pure fruity vibrant sweetness with bitter silty undertones.  Somewhat grape and coco almost wine like with dry woody coco finish in the mouth. Big chesty Qi feeling with a spacy.

Third infusion has a vibrant coco bittersweet onset with a wine taste in the middle and coco bittersweet finish. There is a sweet wine raisin coco chocolate taste with lots of mouthwatering effects.  Wine and chocolate finish.  Gobs of saliva in throat. Qi has a happy euphoria to it makes me feel happy-high! Limbs heavy and light with slow strong chest beats.

4th infusion has a rich bitter sweet pop almost wine tasting mid profile with significant salivating and strong high feeling with light almost floating body.  Vibrant pop of sweetnesss with salivating.  Long coco finish with soft sandy silty mouthfeel with deep throat saliva blob.

5th has a vibrant fruity sweet bitterness with a wine like taste in the mid profile which turns into a delicious coco taste. The mouthfeel is soft and almost a bit tingling with a saliva producing effect and throat deep gob.  Very Big spacy high feeling with heavy neck and limbs slow chest beats.

6th infusion has a dirt bitter sweet onset with a wine mid and almost resin honey finish.  The mouthfeel is a bit more chalky and the bitterness goes down the throat.  Spacy high feeling is very very strong!  The bodyfeel of light jaw, floating numb face heavy neck and limbs is also strong!

7th has a juicy fruity bittersweet coco onset with a silty slippery bitterness the sweet coco taste slides deep into the throat where saliva gobs linger. Big spacy high euphoria with strong alternating heavy and light body sensations!  Chocolate finish in mouth.

8th has a bitter dirt woody ashy onset there is more bitterness here still saliva gobs deep in throat and coco finish but red wine nuance is dropped as well as fresh fruit and there is faint honey resin still.  Long chocolate finish.

9thhas a bitter sweet resin honey coco taste. Silty slight sandy mouthfeel.  Deep throat mot as much saliva producing but still long coco finish.  Big spacy high qi super strong with face, jaw, neck, shoulders, chest and limbs going different things.  Big high quality Qi here. Chest and kind expansion.

I leave the pot over night and come back to the leaves for a flash 10th infusion which is left to cool and is a sweet chalky sweet taste with a subtle coco bittersweet finish.  Nice full soft chalky mouthfeel and deeper throaty opening with long lingering chocolate taste.  Body feels all over with a spacy euphoria happy feeling.

11th has a sweet pop of fresh fruity almost wine like with a bitter sweet finish very vibrant with grape wine like taste. Wet mouthing feel to it with deep throaty feeling.

12th left to cool has a resin pop of vibrant sweetness and a coco chocolate finish with a bittersweet nuance.  Nice spacy mild happy euphoria still. Coco aftertaste chesty Qi and heavy and light sensations.

13 has a vibrant sweet fruity pop very vibrant and delicious with a mouthwatering coco finish.  Happy euphoria now with lots of bodyfeeling heavy shoulders and light limbs. Face light and numb brow heavy…. Lots going on.

14th has a fruity pop of vibrancy then fruity long chalky almost but not really bitter sweet coco.  Chalky silty mouthfeeling with not much mouthwatering.  Spacy happy euphoric Qi.  Lots of bodyfeeling. Slight mouth drying feeling.

15th has a fruity sweet and menthol dry woody resin onset with a mouth drying.  Chalky dry mouth not much sweetness. Slight bittersweet coco finish.

I put the rest into long mug steepings.., an hour later it’s has a thick oily viscus bitter sweet coco with a slight roasted nut and even mushroom taste.  Humongous Qi explodes through body and mind! Big chesty beats push the mind it’s a frenzied euphoria!

The overnight infusion of the spent leaves has a bitter sweet resin oily mouthwatering onset with an oily and wet with mouthwatering.  I put it into another overnight steeping….

17th infusion has a smoke woody resin with wet mouth overall sweet and oily taste.  Nice sweet taste still. Strong Qi is still coming out of this one…

Maybe the best early era Gushu single origin I’ve ever sampled!!!!! The best! (Sorry the post on the blend stated this: This is very much a very high quality Lao Ban Zhang… probably the best I’ve ever tried!)

That comment was actually meant for this Single Origin.

In Oder of preference:

1- this single Origin

2- Nannou Gushu 

3- Bulang Blend


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