Monday, June 24, 2024

Puerist Blind Dragonball Sample #1

Dry leaves have a subtle pungency to them…

Rinsed leaves have a dirt fruity orange pungency.

First infusion has a clear watery sweet sugary taste.  Soft pure tasting with some tongue and lip sticky tingling.

Second has a sweet distinct pure orange citrus sweet taste. Slight soft sandy mouthfeel.  Slight floral light pure tastes with an orange blossom and slight woody almost coco finish.  I’m leaning towards Nannou producing area…

Third infusion has a watery orange sweet taste initially.  It’s still watery and pure with a wet mouthfeel and light mild qi sensation.  Some faint cooling pungent and wood with a sticky mouthfeel.

Fourth infusion has a savoury watery taste.  Again very pure and clear with a fine sandy mouthfeel with faint orange smtaste that’s hard to grasp in the distance.  Mild qi with a heavy brow and light mild feeling.

5th is left to cool and is a watery savoury slight woody slight vegital pure clear tasting.  The body feel is light and comfortable and mouthfeel is a fines soft sand.

6th has a faint buttery floral taste very pure watery taste.  There is almost a faint orange and maybe melon taste that returns with some coolness.  Done almost faint coco minutes later.  Tastes like something I’ve tried before at Puerist a Northern Yiwu maybe… 

7th has a savoury oily light woody with a puer clean presentation the is cool breath and light comfortable body feeling with soft stick fine sandy feeling.  Subtle evergreen tree finish.

8th is left to cool and has a pure watery peachy taste light pure Gushu type of thing with soft slight fine sand mouthfeel and calming light qi with slight spaciness.  

9th has a watery woody faint sweetness sort of orange sort of peach but not really strong at all.  Wet mouthfeel with fine soft sand on tongue calming easy on body peaceful qi.

10th has a soft faint peachy pop then watery sweet finish with subtle wood.  Watery pure and gentle.  Some sweetness lingers on breath almost coco like taste minutes later. 

11th I return to the leaves the next day and they give a watery pure taste of almost lime sweetness.  Wet mouth mild relaxing qi. Mild faint sugary finish.

12th infusion has a watery lime sweetness slight almost creamy melon faint wood returns.  Slight sticky fine sandy finish. Mild relaxing qi.  No bitterness at all in  this one even late in the session.

13th is eft to cool and has a woody lime peachy watery onset with a wet mouthfeel.  Mild sweet woody finish.  A light Qi relaxing.

14th is left to cool and has a lime sweet watery pure taste that has a refreshing taste almost melon and not really dry wood.  Sweet sugar mild returning taste.  Mild and comfortable feeling.

I give the 15th a longer 30 seconds steeping and it comes out quite delicious- it has a creamy sweet orange oily onset and a chalky creamy.

Back to a flash infusion on the 16th which is very sweet melon with wet mouthfeel.  A chalky melon sweet taste with faint wood.  Very mouthwatering and still pretty tasty.  Great stamina even for a Dragonball! Mild chill vibes.

17th infusion has a sweet almost melon almost orange clear watery taste with some dry wood. A fine sandy sticky mouthfeel is in here with mild  cooling breath.

Days long infusion brings a lime and sweet taste very pure and oily slight sugary taste.

Guess: maybe 2020/2019 MengSong?

Wrapper: it had different things written on different sides of the wrapper BPD2 ‘18- 17?  Okay this must be a 2018/2017 Ban Po Lao Zhai … I could see that in the second infusion there in the notes…

Mark Turners comments: It's a bit harder to tell its origin because it's single tree, so a bit more refined maybe. More 'individual'.  tea was BPDZ so Ban Po Dan Zhu. I think actually it was from 2015, but at some point I maybe doubted that and wrote 2017. You were pretty close in any case.

Addendum: Puerist used to sell these Ban Po Lao Zhai single tree samples.  See here.  I have a few more labeled single trees from Puerist that I will post after this blind sampling… they are all unique and different enough, all very high quality such as this Dragonball!


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