Monday, June 17, 2024

Dry Storage: 1997 Menghai Red Ribbon & 2007 Youle Old Tree Maocha (Dry Storage Gentlemen)

I picked up a few of these Taiwanese dry storage puerh from because I wanted to see what this dry storage source, the Dry Storage Gentlemen was like.  I enjoyed extensively sampling Mr.Chen’s dry storage and (Old Man) Daniel’s hot/dry sstorage from this is another source I am interested in.  I sampled these two back to back…

1997 Menghai Red Ribbon (Dry Storage Gentlemen) goes for approx $356.00 for 357g cake or $1.00/g.

Dry leaves have a paper odour to them.

Rinsed leaves have a peat odour to them.

First infusion has a dusty sweet fruity taste.  There is a dusty paper taste with soft faint wood and slight fruity taste.  Mouthfeel is a touch dry with cooling throat.

Second has a dusty paper base with a soft mild sweet taste with woodsy bark notes underneath.  Slight talc powdery.   Cooled down it is more rounded sweet melon.  Faint dry feeling in mouth. Mild qi feelings.

Third infusion has a mineral sweet woody talc taste. Mild Qi feeling and mouthfeeling.

Fouth has more rich peat earthy mineral talc notes.  Almond chocolate taste.  Mild qi with soft mild dry mouthfeel.

Fifth is left to cool and has a mineral dusty talc sweet taste.  The sweetness is almost a sweet melon.  Slight throat coolness and mild dryness.

Sixth infusion has a woody rich earthy taste.  There is a nutty almost caramel peat sweet taste.  Mild Qi, cooling throat and mouthdriness.

Seventh has a mild woody dry dusty taste almost mushroom and almond tastes with dry peat but sweet overall with slight dry throaty. Mild relaxing.

Eighth is a bit sweet woody dust peat tastes.  Mild tastes.

Ninth has a mild sweet woody peat mushroom dusty. It has an overall mild watery sweet taste, mushroom and almond and dirt/peat.  Mild dry mouth. Mild sleepy relaxing.

10th has a woody sweet almost mushrooms overall sweet taste. Mild dry mouth and faint cooling throat.  

Overnight infusion has a medical woody sweet taste.  There is mild cooling camphor and sweet finish.  Some dry silty chalky tastes.  

2007 Youle Old Tree (Dry Storage Gentlemen) maocha is currently sold out.

Dry leaves have a sweet creamy sweet woody odour.

Rinsed leaves smell of peat roasted nutty almost floral.

First infusion has a roasted faintly bitter nutty pistachios shells sunflower seeds taste pretty savoury flavoured. Long sweet creamy finish.  Unique tastes.

Second infusion has a bitter-sweet sunflower seed tasty a bit roasty.  The mouthfeel is a silty slight chalky full feeling.  Spacy qi feeling.  Long candy creamy sweet finish minutes long. Interesting and satisfying.  Chest pressure and heavy shoulders bodyfeeling.

Third infusion has a sunflower seed onset there is a roasted nut/seed taste and full silty almost dry feeling.  Spaced out Qi with heart out of body chest feeling heavy limbs.  Strong quality qi. Slight creamy sweet minutes lkk ok my aftertaste along with some bitter roasted seeds.  Very satisfying unique taste.  Tastes more like Pasha than Youle producing area.

Fourth infusion is left to cool and has a creamy roasted seed sweet bitter taste.  Long creamy sweet candy and bitter seed finish with full silty almost dry mouth. Chest heart Qi with heavy shoulders and light arms and spaced out mind offers a nice qi experience.

Fifth offers a bitter seed sweet coco roasted nutty taste.  Mouthfeel is more dry slight gripping.  Has a dirt coco bitter seed taste throughout now. Strong Qi if lifting heart and chest/ shoulder heavy.  Spaced out feeling.  Numb face.

I come back to the pot the next day and continue flash steeping…. 6th is left to cool… and is a dusty woody slight sweet almost cloak with a clear sweet aftertaste.  Slight dry gums and tongue and heart opening Qi with slight energetic spacy.

7th is a dusty dry mouth sweetness. There is done floral pure sweet finish.  Some butter up honey.  Finished with sunflower seed shells.  Big qi feeling in body with Heart pulling out and limbs and shoulder heavy with Heart palpitations.  Spacy feel.

8th is left to cool and has a sunflower seed shell taste bitter not that sweet a bit peat dirt coco.  

Overnight infusion is a watery sweet wood and salty bland  almond.  Soft silty taste. Sort pond not that fruity unique but very satisfying taste.  I like how unique this Youle is!



Anonymous said...

Mmmm....surely the authenticity of the red ribbon cake is questionable!

Matt said...


But it is not listed as Menghai Tea Factory on the site …


Peter said...


Please have another look at the listing, it most certainly is stated to be a MTF production. Also the vendor's video has him pointing at a picture in a yearbook which ofcourse doesn't mean much.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand if people are trolling or plain inexperienced, in the video he says clearly it's a special order/customised tea version and it's not on the book

Anonymous said...