Saturday, March 11, 2023

2015 BaoHongYinJi Wanggong: More Mild and Balanced

This was the third sample from this BaoHongYinJi Spring Wanggong vertical Sample set purchased from Liquid Proust.  

Dry leaves smell of sweet creamy slightly woody odours.

First infusion has a creamy woody sweet tastes with a cherry fruity pop of tastes and a fluffy expanding creamy sweet progression that makes the mouth water.  There is a long creamy sweet aftertaste that makes the mouth water.  Lots of saliva producing wet and oily mouthfeeling.  Feel Qi in the Chest and mind feels happy…

Second infusion has an oily creamy pop of cherry and lots of slavia producing and deep throat opening effect.  Lots of sweetness develops with cherry fruity and creamy lots of saliva and delicious tastes…

The third infusion has a sour sweet cherry pop of taste with very oily and saliva producing slight sour astringent taste.  Lots of layers of sweetness in these Wanggong.  Strong Chest Qi developing here.  Limbs and shoulders heavy.

4th is left to cool and has a smooth caramel rich oily taste with layers of creamy sweet and tropical fruity tastes.  Delicious rich layered in sweetness here… Yummy!  Nice oily taste. Chest Qi.

5th is left to cool and has a caramel pungent cooling creamy rich sweet onset with hints of tropical fruity tastes.  Thick delicious sweet tastes.  Mouthfeeling is wet and oily fluffy.  Nice saliva returning and deep throat opening.  Nice relaxing Qi.

6th has an oily rich creamy sweet with a pop of cherry and a caramel finish.  Oily and faintly silty mouthfeeling with deeper throat opening and less returning saliva taste now. Nice pungent cool across the profile as well.  Chest opening Qi with a relaxing mild spaciness.

7th has a juicy fruity creamy pop of taste then transitions to a more creamy vanilla pudding taste.  Chest opening and mild spacy relaxing.  Pungent taste throughout and a slight stick lips and roof of mouth.  Faint silty mouthfeeling.

8th is a 30 second infusion oops… it turns out more sour and fruity up front with a sour very mild astringent pucker with creamy sweet tastes emerging underneath.  Saliva producing tastes.  Sour tropical fruity/cherry tastes is throughout the profile here.  Mild spacey relaxing feeling.  Shoulders feel light and chest open.

9th infusion is left to cool and gives off a creamy woody sweetness with a mouthwatering feeling and cool pungent throughout.  Calm spacy mild Qi with some open Chest and shoulders bodyfeeling.

10th has a woody mild fruity taste with hints of bitter-sweet coco over fruity tastes.  Mild tastes now with a mild oily mouthfeeling.  Nice sweet finish in the mouth. Nice mild relaxing spaciness.

This 2015 is a more mild version of the early samples or a balance of high quality Qi of the 2013 and power of the 2014.  Not as nice as either earlier samples but still a nice Gushu Wangong.

Shah8’s Tasting Notes


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