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2014 BaoHongYinJi Bingdao “Exclusive Reward” DiJie: Powerful Coco Bitter

 This 2014 BaoHongYinJi “Exclusive Reward” Bing Dao Dijie goes for approx. $294 for 357 g cake or $0.82/g.  I got a free sample for review here…

Dry leaves have an almost prune odour to them.

First infusion has a flat woody coco onset with a bit of tongue tip tingling and stickiness.  There is a faint lurking raison taste.  Thin fine sandy mouthfeeling with some throat stimulation.  Very mild cooling breath.

Second infusion has a raisin prune slight bitter onset with a creamy sugar mid profile.  There is a subtle taste of dried fruits in the aftertaste.  The profile is cloaked in a strong even tugging slight dryness.  There is mainly a flat bitter coco paired with this mouth- and throat-feeling.  Qi can be felt in the heart.  

Third infusion has a bitter sour prune raisin onset with a long lasting bitterness over a full fine sandy/dry/ gripping bitter mouthfeeling and throatfeeling.  Faint cooing finish with some suggestions of dried fruits but mainly just bitter.

Fourth infusion has a bitter sour woody dried fruity onset with a cool creamy mid profile and a bitter almost faint dried fruit finish.  The dominating taste here that extends through the profile is the bitter.  There is a bit of flushed face and warm chest and a bit of mind spacing out.

The 5th is left to cool and has a fruity perfume bitter coco onset with a coco that stretches deep into the throat and a tight sandy slight tugging bitter mouthfeeling.  The mind feels spacy and the Heart and chest warming.  The face flushes and you can understand that the Qi is quite warming.

6th has a dried fruity almost date floral perfume onset with a bitter-sweet coco core taste that stretches across the profile and deeper into the throat.  A flat slight drying bitter mouthfeeling. There is a decent about of oily texture to here giving it a full layered feeling.  The subtle suggestion of faint cool and faint sweet dried fruity dates is under the bitter coco aftertaste.

7th has a fruity floral perfume bitter coco onset with a moderate gripping mouthfeeling and throatfeeling.  There is some saliva producing from the effect.  Nice warming feeling in the face and chest which is pretty strong.  There is a bit of faint sweet fruity taste in the finish.  Spacy feeling in the mind.

8th has a coco bitter sweet onset with some oily texture and ashy woody taste now for the first time.  There is a creamy sweetness underneath less floral and fruity but the mouthwatering throat stimulation is more so is the heat!  Lots of building Qi warmth that breaks me into a sweat. Chest opening face sweating.

9th has a fruity coco sweet slight oily bitter ashy onset.  With a long bitter profile over a slightly tight slight dry full feeling mouth and throat. Some sweetness but more bitter than sweet. Warming Qi in face and heart.  Spacy feeling.

10th infusion starts off quite bitter with a ashy woody coco bitter onset with not much sweetness seen over the stronger bitter profile.  Drying bitter mouth- And throatfeeling.  Warming spacey Qi experience.  I’m liking the bitter.

11th is left to cool and gives off a sweet coco with an oily texture and long bitterness with an ashy taste.  Nice long bitter coco over a slight tugging mouth-and throatfeeling.  Warm and spacy Qi.

12th gives off a sweet coco taste with some sweet and bitter flavor.  Its more bitter now but a bit of cool breath and sweetness has a hard time getting throught the bitterness. Nice warm Qi and spacy Qi.

Mug steepings give off a nice creamy floral perfume bitter sweet but really creamy and chalky feeling in the mouth with a mainly creamy sweet and coco bitter-sweetness.  These leaves still have lots of stamina.

Overall, a Bingdao area puerh with not too much typical Bingdao character but lots of power and strength.   Its spacy Qi and coco taste are some of the more typical Bingdao characteristics but its strong warming Qi and stronger perfume floral and date/prune tastes are not as common in my experience.  I like the power and taste.  It seems that many of the BHYJ puerh I am sampling here have an interesting perfume floral quality from them and more of a drier storage.

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