Thursday, March 2, 2023

2013 BaoHongYinJi Chawang YinXiang

This 357g cake goes for approx. $264 or $0.74/g. I got this one free with my last order for review.

Dry leaves smell of bready odours.

First infusion has a bready flat watery sugar note. Slight mild sweet fruity appears minutes later.

Second infusion has a woody warm spice onset. The mouthfeeling has a full mild tightness.  There is a lingering licorice finish that develops under the initial tastes and is more prominent in the aftertaste.  Minutes later there is a pop of sweet fruity tastes that seems to be generated in the stimulated throat.

Thrid infusion has a perfume floral medicinal pungent honey onset.  There is a thicker texture and honey licorice finish.  Interesting and unique taste profile that reminds me a bit of Lincang area.  Flat full fine sandy mouthfeeling with open throat.  Gentle Qi in the body and mind.

Fourth infusion has a woody licorice spice onset with an oily texture and even slightly salty nuance.  There is a honey licorice finish to it with some lingering sweetness and subtle perfume tastes.  Unique tasting.  Qi is mild focusing.

Fifth infusion has a bitter cherry fruity honey licorice pop of bitter-sweetness.  The bitterness is mild and very fast moving and the sweet taste is quite long.  A bit fruity, a bit perfume, and a bit licorice-honey aftertaste lingers for minutes.

6th is left to cool it gives off this delicious creamy pastry very sweet taste with layers of honey. There is a cooling pungent wave and long sweet licorice finish.  Nice calming Qi experience with a bit of chest opening.

7th infusion has a spicy creamy licorice almost perfume taste.  Nice pudding texture with long cooling pungent and sweet licorice honey. Calming Qi.

8th is left to cool and gives off a sweet perfume herbal onset with a long cooling aftertaste and sweet almost perfume finish.  Calm Qi is mild soft Qi sensations in the limbs and chest.

9th has a mild soapy floral perfume onset with an oily texture and long cooling with floral and pastry sort of sweetness.  There is an underlying very mild bitter herbs taste that sort of sits on the tongue after the aftertaste recedes.  It lays in the flat slight tight mouthfeeling that sits mainly on the tongue.  The cooling breath goes down the throat.

10th infusion has a woody herbal floral perfume bland almost bitter taste onset.  The mouthfeeling is drier flat sandy faint puckering.  The Qi is really calm, mild and focusing. 

11th has a bitter woody floral taste with strong mouthfeeling slight dry puckering.  Strong building Qi in the chest and limbs with relaxed shoulders. 

The mugs steepings give give off a nice oily clear sweet faint fruity/perfume and coco finish.  Still really tasty and smooth.

Nice Gushu tea with strong gentle Qi and bodyfeeling.  Tastes like Lincang to me.  Qi really builds in the body and mind and that is what I like most about this one.

Shah8’s Tasting Notes


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