Wednesday, December 21, 2022

2003 ChenYuan Hao Yiwu- Standard Storage vs Old Man Storage


The 2003 Chen Yuan Hao Yiwu (goes for approx. $500.00 for 357g cake or $140.00/g) had come in two different storage options at  The “old man storage” (here and here) is very very delicious and there is a more typical or widely offered storage offered by TeasWelike.  This is also a more standard storage option that was sent to me for comparison in my last order that I will review here today..,

Dry leaves have a sweet bready woody not as perfume or fruity as preferred storage.

First infusion has a creamy sweet bready note with expanding creamy taste.  Mild chalky mossy mouthfeeling with some mouthwatering before the aftertaste of creamy icing sugar sweetness.

Second infusion has a woody rubbery taste that has a woody almost herby finish that is faintly sweet.  More like a bread sweetness.  Expanding sweetness in the breath.  Soft mossy mouthfeeling.  Relaxing Qi.

The third infusion has a woody dry-fruity chicory herbal taste to it with an almost licorice and bread finish sort of like sweet breads.  Sweet bready tastes lingers with a chalky mild mossy mouthfeeling.  There is a euphoric relaxing feeling in the Qi with shoulders and limbs light.

The fourth infusion is left to cool and gives off a mellow woody herb icing sugar sweetness that develops more creamy sweet taste in the aftertaste.  Euphoric relaxing Qi with shoulders and limbs light feeling.

The 5th has a woody herbs creamy sweet onset with subtle bready dry woody sweetness and a mossy mouthfeeling.  There is a brassy creamy dry woody base to the taste with some mild mouth dry feeling. 

6th has a dry woody herbal taste with a dry gripping mouthfeeling and some faint cooling and icing sugar taste that mixes with the cooling breath.  Nice relaxing euphoria.

7th has a flat woody bready onset with a drying oily mouthfeeling with a faint woody sugary finish.  Mainly dry woody tastes now.  Nice relaxing euphoria with full feeling mouth and throat.

8th left to cool it gives off a mildly oily and sweet woody taste not much sweetness just at the edges and a bit herby tasting.  The sweetness quietly expands in the throat.  Mossy mouthfeeing. 

9th is a minutes long infusion is a woody dry bark dry mouth sweetness with a nice oily texture and full mossy almost dry mouth.  Long cooling aftertaste with edges of sweetness and a relaxing euphoria.

10th is a 5 minute infusion and gives off a woody dry woody bark varnish taste.  Not really any sweetness and a long cooling mouthfeeling.  Nice euphoria tastes hold…

Overall this puerh doesn’t resemble the preferred storage option that much at all.  This “Standard storage” has much darker spent leaf.  The preferred “Old Man storage” has a greener leaf that you can see in the photos.  The “standard storage” doesn’t have the perfume florals and deeper fruity sweetnesses and is not really that sweet at all- its more woody than sweet where the preferred “old Man” storage is more sweet than woody.  If I didn’t know you would think they were different puerh… I’m drinking the overnight steeping of wet leaves and the standard storage is a bit plum with oily body and sweet creamy woody finish over a nice silty mouthfeeling.  The “Old Man” storage has a perfume incense taste to it with pear and peace and plum fruity complexity with less woody taste- it becomes obvious that the “old man” storage is dry stored in a house where the standard is more natural or part natural Taiwanese storage.  The drier storage is much superior here.


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