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2003 ChenYuan Hao Yiwu: Complex Yiwu Layers

This is from the drop of early 2000s ChenYuan Hao Quarter cakes that TeasWe Like sold and this one goes for $155.00 for 90g or $1.72/g.  I had a few sessions with this one but none were nearly as good as this first session which I really stuffed the pot…

Dry leaves smell of a woody smoky BBQ odour.

First infusion has a creamy sweet very classic Yiwu with a long returning creamy sweetness.  Tastes almost like Yang Qing Hao Yiwus sort of.  Nice smoke underlying but creamy and quite sweet with a bit of woody.  Nice classic balance of Yiwu flavours.  Nice mild oily mouthfeeling with deeper-mid throat simulation with some saliva.  Tastes immediately like a solid Yiwu… very satisfying and delicious to me.

The second is a woody creamy sweet with smoky taste with a faint fruity almost floral nuance in there as well.  There is nice subtle coolness with a juicy almost woody fruity sweet retuning taste.  The mouthfeel is a flat sandy gritty.  There are nuances of sweet fresh melon that appear minutes later in the saliva.  Nice uplifting feeling to the Qi with some Heart beats and chest opening feeling, some face tingling.

The third infusion has a woody fruity smoke oily presentation that tastes a lot like Yang Qing Hao to me.  There is a cooling and retuning saliva with a deep to mid deep throat sensation with saliva producing.  The long base taste is a subtle smoky woody taste.  There is a nice balance of old school smoke with woody fruity Yiwu.  There is some sourness throughout and overall a woody smoky sweet taste.  Some fresh melon faintly appears in the aftertaste along with a creamy almost sweet bread taste.  Nice Heart beats and nice warming Qi feeling. With brow moistening and heavy limbs.  Nice bodyfeeling here with a uplifting spirit.

The 4th has a fruity-woody-smoke kind of oily single thick note of taste then there is some returning sweetness with sweet bread taste and even some faint glimpses of melon and fresh fruity tastes faintly in there as well.  The oily fruity-woody-smoke taste kind of hold from initial taste to aftertaste with another wave of coolness and returning sweetness underneath.  Very nice uplifting and now almost euphoric feeling.  Nice oily deep throat simulation with saliva producing.  The body has a numbing tingling feeling overall.  Especially in the face and jaw.  Nice creamy chalky sweet finish with bread sweetness in mouth.

5th has a sour woody oily sort of fruity sweet initial taste with a retuning bready sweetness that has more creaminess to it.  There is this happy uplifting feeling with some heart beats and chest opening.  Nice feels.

6th has a sour creamy sweet woody fruity sweet onset that is less smoky now.  There is a nice oily taste with a bit more sour and mild astringency in the throat.  Nice long bread sweetness with some creamy and even fresher melon tastes.  Uplifting feeling with chest open and Heart beats.

7th is left to cool and has a fruity sweet melon taste nice and vibrant fresh fruity taste.  Very vibrantly fresh fruity, very tasty.  Nice silty soft mouthfeeling with deeper throat sensations and uplifting qi with heart beats.

8th cooled down is a very creamy rich oily woody taste with fresh fruity notes in the finish with bread and creamy tastes as well.  A very nice straightforward and classic Yiwu with great sweet taste, some fresh fruitiness and deep throat with nice uplifting Qi and significant bodyfeeling.  Very nice.  Very Yiwu.

9th has an oily sweet fresh fruity tastes with a bready creamy layer in the retuning sweetnes.   Nice slity mouthfeeling.  Nice uplifdting Qi with deeper open throat feeling with subtle faint cooling but lots of sweetness.

10th is left to cool and has a woody papery taste initially with some lesser fruity woody sweetness.  Nice silty mouthfeeling with a fresh fruity melon tastes.  Less thickness and depth now but still nice long sweet fruity and creamy sweet retuning sweetness.

11th has a woody papery onset with some creamy barely fruity sweetness underneath.

12th has a creamy sweet woody onset with a silty a bit dry mouth feeling and less of a deeper throatfeeling now.  Makes me feel a touch euphoric but mainly a nice uplifting vibe.  There is a bit of cooling and nice clear icing sugar sweetness.

13th & 14th have a woody not as sweet taste with a dry mouthfeeling. There is still some creamy sweetness in the aftertaste even some fresher melon tastes as well over a nice chalky mouthfeeling and mid-deep throaty depth.  Relaxing feeling.

I mug steep out the spent leaves a few days later…

Strong vibrant plum fruit flavours with a bitter underbelly.  There is a deep long coolness and pops of tart fresher fruity tastes in the aftertaste.  Thick, rich, fruity, and delicious.  The taste is really oily and delicious with lots of layers of sweet tastes stuck in there.  Lots of saliva producing and long substaitive aftertaste with fruity sweet and even bitter tastes.  Nice thick satisfying Yiwu gushu!  Thick chalky mouthfeeling.  I devour the mug steeping and steep again!

I have had this puerh a few more times some are more flat, or grassy or less vibrant but still quite satisfying.  Every session seems to be a bit different suggesting a blend of the area, I believe.

 Vs Yang Qing Hao- this 2003 ChenYuan Hao reminds me lots of some of the Yiwu productions from Yang Qing Hao.  Even its natural storage is close to Yang’s storage being a natural Taiwanese type storage.  The storage/production? on these cakes is a bit better than Yang’s storage though because they still retain some fresh fruitier nuances and complexities that are washed over in Yangs storage even among the 2006 productions.


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