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2007 ChenYuan Hao Autumn Yiwu Chawang


This 2007 ChenYuanHao Autumn Yiwu Chawang was for sale at and is now sold out.  It is apparently the Autumn picking of a famous Spring Yiwu Gushu production.  It also is considered an important ChenYuan Hao production. It has the same “old man storage” that I prefer that is drier than other ChenYuan Hao offered on the site. 

The First infusion has a sweet woody taste with a grains cereal finish.  There is some watery and sandy texture.  Not much aftertaste.  Grains aftertaste in mouth… classic Autumn taste in there.

The second infusion is left to cool but is very nice rich creamy sweet coolness with woody and apple-like taste.  A very nice sweet fruity rich creamy splash of taste.  Nice creamy rich sweet finish fades out.

The third infusion has a woody creamy apple sweet pop of taste with a soft sandy mouthfeeling and not really obvious throat feeling.  Sort of a flat sandy grainy woody finish.  Mild relaxing feeling Qi.

4th was left to cool for a long time!  Overnight…  It has an ashy woody creamy sweet taste.  The mouthfeeling is chalky and sandy not that full but the tastes are clear and come in one clump up front.  There is a faint woody almost fruity sweet finish… mild extension of the initial taste but a bit fruitier.  Not much throat stimulation or opening but some chest warming Qi.

5th has a woody sweet sugar very clear taste initially the aftertaste is a quick fade of these tastes.  Some creamy chalky sandy sweetness.  Some slight gripping now.  Some faint bodyfeeling chest warming and mild feel good.

6th has a creamy almost menthol edge to it with a woody creamy sweetness over a thin fine chalk mouthfeeling and not much throat stimulation. There is a clear woody creamy almost cherry simple taste upfront that fades over the fine chalky/sandy mouthfeeling.  Some mild Chest bodyfeeling.  Mild relaxing feel good feeling. Very clear and easy to drink.

7th has a woody not that sweet sort of maple edge to it, more bland woody that sweet now with a fade of tastes in the mouth.  Slight maple sugar or brown sugar faint edge.  A bit tugging in mouth now.

8th infusion is left to cool and gives off a fruity sweet woody taste with watery gripping mouthfeeling and subtle grains aftertaste as most of the taste fades quickly in the mouth.

9th I push a longer infusion maybe 5 minutes…. The result is a woody clear taste with a dry sandy mouthfeeling and some faint edge sweetness that seems a bit cherry.  Bland woody grains finish.  Mild Relaxing Qi.  Tugging dry mouthfeeling and subtle throat gagging.

I mug steep out he rest… the result is super woody slight tugging dry mouthfeeling not really any sweetness or aftertaste and the coolest sensation on the breath

This is a pretty simple Yiwu puerh with not much throat sensation, aftertaste, or Qi but the flavours are really nice with no harshness and no bitter astringency.

This is a pretty pure but also a simple and straightforward Yiwu single estate production.

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