Sunday, June 17, 2012

Korean Tea Potters and Masters: Some Informative Links

Although there is very little English information on the famous Korean potters who focus on teawear, there are a few simple but informative sites worth a look if you are interested in appreciating such things...

Thoart offers lots of great background on some of these masters. About 1/3 of the artists featured have their hands in the Korean tea scene. What's great about this site is that the works featured are for sale.

Korea Folk Art offers background on famous tea ceramists Kim Jeong Ok and Chon Han Bong as well as many other non-tea related Korean ceramic artists.

Lee Yi Arts was once a great site which had fairly detailed bios on the Korean tea potters. The link has since been broken and the site is now inaccessible.

There is a wealth of info on contemporary and mainly non-tea Korean potters that can be found at Of note is Huh Sang Wook, an interesting tea focused potter.

Cho Hak's Dawan, Chawan, Chassabal blog features posts on some great Korean tea potter masters where his Morning Crane Tea blog focuses on potters whose works are for sale. Both are interesting and tea focused reads.

And, of course, there are over 90 posts here on MattCha's Blog that are labeled "Korean Pottery".



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