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2004 Dragon Tea House Yiwu Gushu vs 2006

I was really excited to try this 2004 Dragon Tea House Yiwu ($520.00 for 400g cake or $1.30/g) from TeasWeLike.  I love the 2006 Dragon Tea House Yiwu but for some reason it doesn’t agree with me.  I turns out this 2004 and me get along quite nicely…

The very compressed dry leaves smell of a dry peat sweet odour.

The rinsed leaf is a sweeter peaty odour.

First infusion has a creamy talc sweetness with faint woody background.  Nice chalk finish pure clean tastes.long finish with slight sandy sticky mouth and clear sweet creamy talc and almost fruity taste.

Second infusion has a woody creamy sweet taste.  Full almost dry chalky with pops of coco creamy almost fruity sweetness.

Third is left to cool and gives off pops of sweet fruit and creamy talc.  There is a peat dry woody faint base and a long creamy sweet returning that dissolves into fruity on the breath.  The mouthfeel is a chalky not dry but almost gripping undertone.  Long deep throat and sweet taste.  Sweep of happy peace feeling with notable light limbs feeling.  Heart slow beats with mind and chest open.

Fourth infusion has a woody sweet creamy taste there is a creamy sweet return that transitions to fruity sweetness.  Chalky almost gripping mouthfeel leaves a long sweet taste in the mouth.  Peaceful focus. Light limbs and body.

5th has a sweet fruity clear onset strong euphoria happy feel good Qi.  Strong floating feeling with face flushing.  

6th has a woody slight incense smoke sweet taste. Creamy sweet return that turns into fruits.  Strong floating limbs and euphoria peace with strong slowing heart beats.  

Next day I’m flash steeping 7th infusion it is mineral sweet with a creamy talc finish in the mouth.  Almost turns fruity sweet minutes later.  Clear tastes here.  Strong happy focusing Qi.

8th is a clogged pot…. Welcome back to teapot sessions!!!! It gives off a dense incense resin woody bitter with a sweet fruity taste.  Strong woody incense resin wood with strong sweet taste underneath.  Dense taste in this accidental minutes long steeping.

9th is flash steeping and comes out very fresh fruits sweetness.  Long fruity clear sweetness. Light body strong happy feel good qi. Silty mouthfeel with deepthroat sweetness.  Lots of fresh clear fruit taste.

10th is left to cool and taste like sweet wood silty smooth mouthfeel.  Nice peace out Qi feeling.

11th has lots of clear pure sweet fruity taste but also some sour taste developing underneath.

12 is cool but has a woody incense sweetness with a returning sweet bread finish.  There is some mineral taste and some coco taste as well.  Silty amouthfeeling with mouthwatering and deep throat.

13 … 14 th …. 15th has good stamina still giving of peace vibes and sweet tastes.  Woody resin, faint incense, faint coco.  Mild silty mouthfeel.

16th is in the long mug steeping which is quite woody incense and bitter with a sweet taste underneath.  Full chest feeling.  

This has very clear long sweet tastes, nice strong peace out Qi feeling with aslow heart beats and light limbs body feeling. The mouthfeel is layered with a silty mouthfeel that is sometimes almost gripping and stimulating but also mouthwatering- a nice compliment to the long clear fresh fruity tastes.  This puerh feels like aged tea but still maintains the fresh fruity nuances of its youth.  The description on the site says it’s smokier than the 2006 but I disagree- at least my cake has some infusions with slmost no smoke and other times it’s that aged out blended in background incense smoke.

Vs 2006 Dragon Tea House Yiwu Gushu

First infusion has a creamy smoke sweetness. The creaminess is more pronounced and sweet and the smoke is stronger and less background incense than 2004.  

Second has a lubricating mouthwatering sweetness with upfront smoke balance.  Thick lubricating mouthwatering oily feel in the mouth.  Very long cool creamy sweetness.  Strong chest thumbing and surging energy is mixed with euphoric calm.  Face numb and mind floating has much stronger excitatory effect in body and mind than 2004.  

Third infusion is left to cool and gives off a smoke mesquite BBQ long creamy sweet slight mild lips tightness with an oily almost pasty texture.  Long creamy almost bready sweeetness. 

Fourth is a creamy sweet balanced with smoke long creamy sweetness. Strong chest beats and energetic euphoria.  Strong in the mind sweet taste is long.

Fifth infusion has a creamy sweetness with faint smoke background nice silty chalky mouthfeeling.  Mind expanding and big chest beats. Of note the liquor or this 2006 is quite a bit darker than the much tighter compressed but two years older 2004.

Sixth infusion is left to cool and is very creamy sweet with chalky mouthfeel long sweet creamy taste. Less smoke background.  

Seventh again consistently sweet creamy with chalky mouthfeeling smoke becomes less and sweetness holds.

Eighth has a woody sweet long creamy sweetness it kind of just snowballs into the retuning sweetness, it’s nice and long mouthwatering with more relaxing spacy qi left in here.

Ninth … 10th … 11th soooo yummy sweet with background smoke is less and less but there starts developing a bit of acidity.

Comparison: the 2006 has spent two years in my drier cooler storage but feels much younger that the more aged feeling 2004.  The 2006 has more power and intensity to it overall- it’s more acidic, it’s gives of an energetic effect on the body and mind and is a bit harsh on the body at times,  its sweetness is also strong and its smoke is more out front.  The 2004 exerts a more mellow peaceful feeling with strong but slow heart beats airy light limbs.  Its sweet taste is very clear, pure, fresh, and long.  The mouthfeel is a more complex mouthfeeling.  You can see the difference in composition of the wet leaf.  The 2006 pours a much darker colour where the 2004 is still yellowish.  For me the 2004 is the superior puerh.

Just one more note on these Dragon Tea House Yiwus that Idont think is mentioned enough.  The storage is really quite brilliantly dry.  It really captures the light nuances of a Yiwu puerh brilliantly and makes it feel almost younger than it is.  This was apparent to me in this blind testing of the 2015 Dragon Tea House Yiwu.

Not sure if I will pick up another with this price tag … but I do quite like the experience…

Marco’s (Late Steeps) Tasting Notes


Sunday, March 10, 2024

2011 Jin Dayi: Top Modern Dayi!

This is the second part (first part was the 2017) of the 2017/2011 Jin Dayi comparison sample set from Liquid Proust that goes for approx $57.00…. This 2011 Jin (Gold) Dayi is quite famous and expensive but it really blew my mind.  They still have a few of these sets left and I recommend it to try this one…

 Dry leaves are a faint plum smoke hay.

Rinsed leaf has a subtle smoke and tobacco and faint banana odour.

First infusion is smooth oily lubricating mouthwatering feeling with a subtle smoke and creamy custard banana nuance.  Creamy oily mouthfeel.  Taste stays in the saliva. Spacy relaxing Qi can feel it low in the abdomen.

Second has a sweet creamy oily caramel toffee taste with a very nice oily creamy texture.  Some woody and smoke in the background and long sweet returning minutes later there are candy pops of taste.  Long sweetness that evolves from caramel to icing sugar to plum to banana to candy long inbedded into saliva with mouthwatering deliciousness.  Nice lower abdomen and mid abdominal mild warming with spacy qi feeling.

Third infusion has a very sweet caramel oily full sweetness with resin woody slight background smoke and long evolving sweet taste with lots of oily salivating and nice mouthwatering.  Peaceful calm Qi distills the mind.  Low abdominal feeling with face and jaw light and some cjhezt beats and spacy feeling.  Candy finish minutes later trapped within the saliva. Its got the whole package here!  Cooled down it has a resin woody creamy fresh pungent creamy oily sweet taste. Long evolving sweet taste and long candy finish in chalky full mouthfeel.

Fourth has a creamy woody oily onset with resin woody taste and some faint pungent faint almost camphor taste.  Oily texture and mouthfeel is a bit less here but still full faint candy on the breath minutes later.  Chest abdominal feeling with light face and jaw and calm peace still feeling but also energetic with heart beats.

Fifth infusion is left to cool it is quite resinous and sweet woody incense.  Long sweet taste the mouthfeel and texture is fading infusion-to-infusion now. Still nice sweet taste and faint candy minutes later. Abdominal Qi face and jaw light. Peaceful pause.

Sixth infusion is left to cool and gives off a caramel resin sweet woody incense onset some fresher fruits taste with nice peaceful qi.  Less long sweetness now.  Abdominal feelings with light face and jaw.

Seventh infusion has a resin woody onset with some more distant sweetness chalky silty mouthfeeling with some stimulating feeling at the back of the tongue and throat.  Nice peaceful Qi with some chest beats both energizing and peaceful.  Face and abdomen sensations.  Not much returning sweet but done creamy silty oily sweetness with resin taste in the finish.

Eighth is woody resin with a sandy mouthfeeling back of tongue and throat gentle stimulation.  Not much sweet taste left but more resin woody.  Nice peaceful Qi feeling. Watery sensation smokey background.

9th is a long mug infusion and is resinous woody with a creamy sweet and silty oily texture. Strong heart beats. Slight bitter with full gripping mouth but still oily with salivating.

The overnight infusion of spent leaves gives off a creamy oily candy sweet taste with lots of salivating and mouthwatering.  

It’s got delicious aroma and long complex evolving layered taste complexity in the mouthfeel with some gripping that causes salivating and thick oily texture.  Qi imparts a strong effect on the mind and in some steeps both energizing and with distilling peacefull feeling.  It also has great bodyfeeling strong Heart beasts but also comforting face and abdominal sensations…

Top 5 of the modern Dayi that I have tried- excellent!!!!

Comparison: The 2017 resembles the 2011 enough to know that they are similar blends especially in their abdominal sensations bodyfeeling and lingering sweetness oily texture but will never have the greatness of the 2011- it doesn’t have the long evolving sweet layer taste, its mouthfeel is narrow with a tendency to dryness, its qi is not as complex.  Still pretty enjoyable though.

Top is the 2017 Jin Dayi bottom 2011 Jin Dayi.

Paul’s (Two Dog Tea Blog) Tasting Notes

Hobbes (The Half-Dipper) Tastimg Notes


Saturday, March 9, 2024

2017 “Jin Dayi”

This sample comes from a comparison testing sample set from Liquid Proust which goes for approx $57.00 for the 2017/2011 Dayi Jin Sample set.  I sampled the quite amazing 2011 the following day in the next post.

 Dry leaves have a very tobacco wet smoke tobbacco odour.  

Rinsed leaf is superisingly sweet amongst strong wet dark cherry tobacco notes.

First infusion has a watery Smokey metallic mild chalky sweetness.  Nice sweet returning taste almost melon that builds in the aftertaste with some salivating.  Feel it in the chest. A bit of acidity left behind in the mouth.

Second infusion has smoke and tobacco with some bitterness over a dry roof mouthfeel and upper throat opening.  A sweet pop that has nice return. You van feel the bitterness buildup in the stomach- haven’t tried Dayi this fresh in a long long while. Strong chest feel with beats and energy rising.

Third infusion has a woody smoke oily texture with a creamy sweet oily creamy finish.  Smooth mouthfeel with lots of oily feeling and slight dry roof of mouth.  Nice sweet finish fades to slight dry smoke wood.

Fourth infusion is left to cool and gives off sweet oily taste with woody smoke finish.  The sweetness sort of fades into the smoke.  There is a mouth salivating with return sweetness which is almost fruity.  Strong deep uplift with chesty feeling not much bitter.  Fruity taste faintly lingering in saliva.  Spacey feeling.

Fifth infusion has a fruity faint smoke oily woody taste. Tobacco leaf base.  Mainly this sweet oily almost fruity that fades into a dryer tongue and roof stimulating effect.  Lingering fruity in mouth.  Spacy feeling

6th has some faint caramel, metalic and floral edges to it and has that oily smoke onset and fading sweetness.  There is a bit of bitterness that you can feel in the stomach.  Spacy qi feeling with feeling in lower abdomen.

7th is left to cool has a Smokey sweet hay almost fruity taste with tobacco leaf base.  

8th has a sweet oily hay tobacco leaf with a returning almost floral sweet almost fruit taste.  Thee is a chalky faint fruit returning with some mild mouthwatering.  Spacy Qi.  Fruity taste lingers in the saliva minutes later.

9th has a chalky talc woody slight bitter initial taste that has a cereal hay sweet taste with some mild mouth drying on roof and gums and tongue.

10th has a woody smoke ashy taste not that sweet anymore.  Spacy Qi.

11th is left in the cup overnight and gives off a sweet oily slight smokey wood taste with sweet vegital woody finish.  Lingering sweetness left in saliva.

Long mug steeping is a dry grippng mouthfeel with bitter wood and smoke taste.

The overnight mug steeping of spent leaves is a sweet woody almost fruit with a bitter almost but not really milk chocolate taste.  Silty mouthfeel with some chesty Qi and moderate energetic feel.



Saturday, March 2, 2024

Happy New Year of the Dragon!


Hi there readers and Happy Yew Year!!!  I hope this foray into this Year of the Dragon is as powerful for you as it is for me!

There have been lots of life changes for me this past year - all very good but which has made it difficult to evaluate and post on puerh.  I have gone very long stretches months of having no evaluation drinking. I still have no proper work gongfu and am ashamedly evaluating using flash steps in a thermos.  With that being said I had some great logical chunks of posts! 

 I posted a bunch of BaoHongYinJi reviews in March - I am happy about getting to know the brand.  Then I did a full review of complimentary samples of the 2023 Tea Encounter line up and most of the 2023 Chenyuan Hao which was really fun!  I also got some blind sampling in with some dragon balls from Puerist.  I am content with how I did and enjoy keeping up my skill- mainly it is super fun for me.

After a year or two of purchasing restraint I really let loose this past year and you can see some of that in my full cake posting in November and December last year. Lots of cakes from TeasWeLike and some from as well. They are my two favourites!  There is more to come in that regard over the next month here. I just recently lost a bunch of unpublished notes on these but like I said they are cakes so I am just in the process of writing new notes.  

My home drinking has changed a bit.  I’m back onto smaller but still largish yixing pots!  My tea consumption is also down as a result which is always a plus for someone who consumes way too much puerh.  Still drinking good puerh though right now 2007 Zhi Xi Hao Diangu is in one pot and 2004 YangQing Hao Dingji Yesheng is in the other… life is good!  

Also just last week I started drinking tins Hoshino Yame matcha!  The weather has been really springlike or maybe just not that wintery at all with the La Niña this year.  I have been getting my matcha fix from Cultivate Tea in Vancouver they got Yame Honshino.  This Hoshino Seiju grade , second highest in their line, which I’ve been drinking is a real treat with nice texture with a clear fresh taste but not as smoke bitter or vegital or umami just clear sweet greens.  I can’t remember trying this one in the past.

In a homage to Hobbes of the Half-Dipper I finally got my first tea pet!  Back in the day I was never fond of them nor am I today… I wonder if that’s still a trend or how many people do that?  I was fond of one actually it was from amazing Korean female ceramicist Seung Jin Eh- these beautiful ceramic pagodas.  Never did buy one though… then one day one of my older kids comes home with a Grogu.  My youngest is showing interest in my tea set but she has a tendency for throwing things.  She is totally terrified of that little Grugu so as a test I put him on my tea table and sure enough he is little a cute little scarecrow…. Hahaha

Ok this Dragon Year is a time of big change so as I was going back to edit this post I realized that I need to do two things to make my tea experience better here and of course it’s not buying more tea…. Hahaha…. 

First thing is I need to improve my technology and change how I record notes so I don’t loose them like I have done a few times over the last two years!  If I can spend the money I do on tea then surely I can afford an upgrade.  I went out purchased something- it’s got a great macro feature so as an added bonus expect better photos too!

Second thing is I really got to set up my tea table at work… so I did… it’s not ideal and the table is up a bit higher than I like no drainage system set up yet but it feels good to use again after being in a box for 9 months.  Going forward my reviews will be at that table no more of that crazy thermos flash steepings for any of the puerh reviews going forward…