Sunday, October 27, 2013

Yunnan Sourcing Tasting Event Lambda (2013 Yunnan Sourcing Feng Chun)

This is a continuation of a blind tasting of an event hosted by Hobbes of The Half-Dipper...

The dry leaves sour, sweet, creamy, slightly pungent odours. An interesting sweet mix of odours with a definite sweet undertone and lots going on.

The first infusion is watery, a touch sweet, and slightly grainy-nutty. The taste is a interesting, soft mix of tastes which accumulates into a sweet, slightly sour, slightly creamy floral taste. The mouthfeel is somewhat thick, chalky, and pasty in the mouth and upper throat. A creamy, floral taste lingers minutes later.

The second infusion has a initial taste of mainly nutty, barely wood tastes with a current of sweet, creamy florals which expand in the mouth within seconds. A creamy, nutty, barely floral slight sweetness is left in the throat. The mouthfeel is full, sticky, creamy, mainly on the tongue and in the mouth but also noticeable in the upper-mid throat. The qi nicely shoots throughout the body, its raw energy beats at the digestion slightly.

The third infusion is again mainly nutty-woody but also slightly sweet. It expands into a sour creamy floral taste. The sour drops off leaving just slight edges with more clear creamy floral. The mouthfeel is now turning slightly dry now, the mid-upper throatfeel is more obvious now. There is a noticeable smoky undertone.

The fourth is slightly more coarse with an initial taste of woody-nutty-dry-florals. It has a slight citrus edge, the mouthfeel continues to be strong and now caries a slight fruity-sour sweet taste which stays in the throat.

The fifth infusion has a sour sweet taste with an edge of florals initially. The woody-nutty taste is pushed out. There is a slight surgary-flower taste in the aftertaste now.

The sixth and seventh display more floral and sweet notes- a longer infusion pushes more bitter out as well.

Guess: Best guess is the profile of Lincang but sometimes this taste is a little Wu Yi.  My first guess is 2013 Yunnan Sourcing "San Ke Shu"?

Actual: 2013 Yunnan Sourcing "Feng Chun".  Looking back, at the notes its becomes more obvious that it is a blend, as there is lots going on in each infusion.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Yunnan Sourcing Event: Iota (2013 Yunnan Sourcing Mang Fei)

This is a rather late, but still very blind, tasting of Yunnan Sourcing"Iota".

Dry leaves smell of a raw, heavy sweet, perfumy-mushroom odour which displays lots of depth.

First has a robust, distinctly nutty peanut butter taste. It tastes almost like peanut brittle, an interesting taste. It finishes with still a nutty odour and taste. This first infusion is quite uniform. It only offers a touch of stimulation to the front of the mouth.

The second infusion is much the same sweet peanut taste. There is a dry wood bark taste underneath it all. The tongue feels slightly dry from this tea.

The third infusion has muted florals under that distinct nutty flavour. The florals are barely noticeable and the nutty flavour has a tone of dry wood like last infusion.

The fourth infusion is again much the same, a bit flatter now and less nutty. The qi is of a mild type and the mouth feel gives the tongue a gentle grainy stimulation.

The fifth is more blandy-woody-nutty-grainy tastes it has lost most of its sweet taste and is instead a monotone tasting affair.

These simple, yummy peanuty tastes continued throughout the following infusions.

Guess: 2013 Yunnan Sourcing Jing Mai? It's primarily nutty flavour suggests this region is an outside possibility.

Actual: 2013 Yunnan Sourcing Mang Fei


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

2013 ZeDa Wild Jiri Moutain Korean Yellow Tea

This tea from Good Green Tea has been an Autumn staple over the last few years. To read more about the traditional and all natural process that this tea goes through please see these posts here and here. On this fall day the water boils...

The first infusion delivers a fine apricot sweetness followed up by a cinnamon-persimmon taste which lingers in the mouth. This first infusion is light, sweet, clean, and fruity. It has a lingering aftertaste of spicy, vibrant apricot pie. MMMmmm... The qi is nice and warming in the body, flushing the face slightly and imparting a subtle warm lightness in the body.

The second infusion is full of warm, sweet tastes. Apricots approach first then a nice sweet woody taste is explored. The mouthfeel is watery and a bit fuzzy on the tongue. It creates a light stimulation on the cheeks and at the back of the throat.

The third infusion has a sweet pumpkin-spice taste with a distinct undercurrent of sweet milky-bready coco. The taste is expansive and yummy. There are many nuances to the flavour in this infusion all within a stereotypcially soft balhyocaha mouthfeel.

The fourth is a sweet, fruity, woody affair with a subtle coco aftertaste on the breathe. The mouthfeel is stronger on the tongue now but still quite soft.

Currently one is on the fifth infusion and things are still quite enjoyable.