Sunday, May 1, 2011

Call For Participants- An In Depth Study of DongChaSong- Hymn In Praise of Korean Tea

DongChaSong is the most famous of classic Korean tea texts because it, for the first time, lays out The Korean Way of Tea. This text is important as it differentiates the Korean Way of Tea from that of China.

This text is beautifully written by Cho Ui (1786-1866), the Korean Saint of Tea. It contains a poem of 17 stanzas as well as Cho Ui's notes on each stanza- this is a very common style of writing especially among Zen monks that came years before Cho Ui. The translations in Korean Tea Classics offer more depth as it contains detailed footnotes that follow each stanza and reply. We will add other layer in our discussions over the next 17 weeks.

Please join us by purchasing Korean Tea Classics and commenting as we go through each section week by week. The first section will be covered next week and there will likely be a month break as one will be off the grid for a period of time this summer.

Those who are interested in more of Cho Ui's background may wish to purchase Ch'Oui Uisun: A Liberal Son Master and an Engaged Artist in Late Choson Korea.



Evan said...

Next week?! Am I going to have time to get the book by then?

Matt said...


Okay, if you order it we'll wait an extra week for you. :)


LTPR said...

Looking forward this this, Matt :)

Matt said...


It promises to be a fun time!