Saturday, May 28, 2011

2010 Jagasilk Crane Flies Above the Clouds Matcha

This 10g can was a very generous gift from Jared and Miyuki owners and operators of local flavour Jagasilk. Their web page describes this tea as "the highest grade we have ever cupped at JagaSilk". Like other matcha they sell (see here, here, and here) it also came from a freshly ground monthly batch on April 20th of last month. It is another cloudy spring day, this decadent matcha is sure to fly one past these grey clouds.

The water is taken off boil, the can is opened, the bag snipped open. The odour that catches ones nose is of high very sugary sweet notes with a generic ripe fruit, almost floral, smell. These light odours present amid a deeper nutty base.

The tea is prepared in ceremony and is taken that way in three sips. As the fluffy-light froth slides over the tongue, a sweet raw sugar cane and predominantly nutty taste captures the mouth. The taste of creamy almond milk embraces taste buds. The sweet start cannot quite turn over slightly floral and fruity notes that seem intuitively, if not very faintly, there- lingering in such sweetness.

The creamy sweet almond milk taste slowly grows in depth in the mouth becoming thicker as the flavour develops on the tongue. A thick, sweet, almond taste is left in the mouth for quite some time afterwards. One is left feeling happy and in a state of moderately relaxed concentration. Worries slip away- its a sunny day in ones soul.



Martin Prime said...

I love matcha tea.

I'd love to have the whisk as I always make mine using the conventional spoon.

Matt said...

Martin Prime,

Next time try it with a whisk, you'll never go back to a spoon.


The Teaguy said...

I like this maccha as well. not the best I have ever had for the price, but it's up there.

Mattcha man....we gotta have tea sometime and I can share with you how to make extra fine foam. your bubbles need a little shrinking dude

btw - nice photo's (hate calling them pics) - it cheapens the effort somehow.

be well fellow sipper,


Matt said...

The Teaguy,

"I can share with you how to make extra fine foam. your bubbles need a little shrinking dude"

Agreed. Its more the heavier type water one uses, the fact that one never puts matcha through a sieve, and suppose its a bit from the Korean technique too. :)