Friday, April 8, 2011

Section 23. The Rules Governing Tea

"When all is careful, dry and clean, the Way of Tea is truly achieved."

from Cha Sin Jeon- A Chronicle of the Spirit of Tea, a copy of Zhang Poyuan Chalu recorded by Cho Ui, translated in Korea Tea Classics

Those who do not have a copy of Korean Tea Classics do please follow along and participate by referencing a different English translation available here from The Leaf.

This tea classic will be covered one section a week which will go on for 24 weeks. Feel free to jump in with your commentary at anytime.



Anonymous said...

When all is careful, dry and clean, the Way of Tea is truly achieved.

Oh, so easy then :-)

"When tea is being prepared, it should be done cleanly" -> in both the utensils we use, and our state of mind.

Incidentally, one should also "dry and clean" its teapot after having used it.

Thanks Matt for the book club. After the epilogue of Cha Sin Jeon, do we continue with Dong Cha Song?

Matt said...

Julien ELIE,

Think we should continue on, maybe a final thoughts posts, a week break, then on to the most influential work of the Korean Way of Tea. But for now let us continue to reflect on this work...


Matt said...


Notes on Section 23:

Basically this section states the bare minimums when producing, storing, and preparing tea. If these are met, least the tea won't be contaminated, rot, or potentially cause harm.

It also attempts to bring a rather complex and often very detailed discussion of tea back to its simplest form. Essentially it is stating that tea is complex, but its essence is simple. This dichotomy of the complexity and simplicity of tea is what must be understood if "The Way of Tea is truly achieved."