Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Travel Tea

This is the most convenient way to consume good tea on the go.

Just add matcha. Add cold water. Shake vigorously.
And so this is how one heads out with tea.



Anonymous said...

Very cool. I bought some matcha from o-cha lately and quite liked it, but haven't tried it cold yet.

Matt said...


You'll find that the taste of matcha significantly changes with the water used. The high grades of matcha are quite smooth and sweet with very little throatiness. In contrast, the lower grades of matcha seem to have a fuller well rounded mouthfeel although not as sweet one really enjoys them best cold.


Anonymous said...

hi matt

i do the same way for my tea on the go as you

it's so easy and sometimes i also use ice

usually i love to buy -kinrin- 100 g can from koyamaen :


my fav matcha brand


ps - best wishes for 09

Anonymous said...

Hello Mattcha,

Looks like you are leaving Korea, or are at least going to be traveling for some time (noting the "Travel Tea"). I, too, am traveling and am now in Seoul.
I have been an avid reader of your blog for some time now and am curious if you have ever ventured deep into the heart of Insadong, specifically to a shop called Sam Hwa Ryong, located at 84-20, Kwanhoon-dong, Chongro-ku (in Insadong). The tea there is amazing, with a selection of nokcha, dokcha, "Yellow Tea", and much more! Also, from what I've seen of your own taste in teaware, I feel that you would really like the teaware at this shop (it specializes in puncheong ware). Just curious if you have been here and what your take on it might be.
Hope your travels go well. I know that your blog has certainly helped me to better wander the narrow streets of Seoul's tea treasures!
Very Best,

Frank said...


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Thank You,

Frank Horbelt

Zoomdweebie’s Tea


Matt said...


Currently, one is drinking Chigi no Shiro matcha from koyamaen. One doesn't believe there's a post on that one yet...

Either way, if one can mix it with ice water it really brings out the taste. Especially in close to 30 degree weather like here in southern Vietnam. Kinrin, is also so refreshing when prepared in this manner.


One may or may not have been there, with so many shops in Insadong it's hard to know for sure. One spent the most time in the local shops of Daegu, and only braved Seoul's Insadong a handful of times. Every time one went, there was always something new to see, feel, and taste.

One is happy that you got something from this blog. Thanks for your encouraging comments and energy.


Currently, one is on the road so blogging about your site is not an option at the moment. Best of luck with your ventures with tea.

One hopes to post soon about Vietnamese tea in the Mekong Delta.

Until then,


Teaquilibrium said...

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T.alain said...

Soïwatter offer me some gramms of Jookro tea...i 'd like to wrotte on it making a "melting pot" of your 2 comments about this wonderfull and unique tea on my blog...i'd like to ask you if i can put your beautiful photos of this tea (and tell my readers they are yours of course....)in the comment i would like to do.
I'm waitting for your answer...I hope you enjoy your journey...


Matt said...


Those cupcakes sound delicious!


One would be honoured to lend you some photos. Take what you need and enjoy the tea.

Speaking of enjoying this tea, one shipped back a few boxes of Jookro for later enjoyment!