Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Look at Four Tea Pots by Song Ha

Number One

Number Two

Number Three

Number Four

These slick pots really play with light and dark while still evoking a feeling of naturalness. One can picture them reflecting what little light they can grasp in a deep eved, treed-in, dimly lit tea house. How wonderful that would be?

What do you think of these pots? Which is your fav?



Anonymous said...

Bonjour Matt
La première est divine !
Un look d'enfer,une formule 1 !


Brittiny said...

I really liked number 2!

I loved the simple shape and the mix of colors. The handle is pretty awesome, as well.

The orange stripes on the bottom reminded me of the orange stripes on certain types of turtles. So, beautiful! :)

ginkgo said...

Génial ! i like the glazing of all them but specially the originality of the " manches " : so waouh !they are like tree branches

T.alain said...

-All of them are really marvelous,i would like to touch them,feel their skin in my hands...
n°2 and n°4 are those i prefer...
Thanks Matt...
Your blog is an island of peace...

Matt said...


Yes pot number one is quite beautiful. It contains colour similar to number two but its handle is very natural resembling a tree branch bursting from the pot.


Ones favorite is also number 2. Your comment about this pot being like a turtle really makes sense. There is something about this pot's shape and the orange stripe that is quite turtle like.


You mentioned the unique handles found on these pots. How in step are these handles with the natural rhythm of Korean tea culture?


Thanks for your comments. These pots actually feel quite smooth because of the thick gloss applied to them. The handles that are treelike feel the most interesting in one's hands. One could imagine that this is how a tree branch covered in a thick gloss would feel like.

Thanks for your comment you guys.