Sunday, October 5, 2008

2008 Yunnan Yunxian Huimin Chachang Chupin High Mountain Cultivated Wild Puerh

One submits to the soft smell of the dark reddish dry leaves apparently picked from altitudes above 1700 meters. The odour is soft, deep, muted tobacco, barely a touch of fruit.

One carefreely prepares this tea. It is smooth, very slick in taste and feel. A little soft tobacco, a bit of a very light but deep spice finish is even sometimes apparent. The aftertaste is cool and flat.

This tea is really mild for being so young. Its mild taste leaves a faint veil of mystery that covers the tongue. Its flat barely nuanced aftertaste requires one to continue to drink as its soft energies slowly deplete themselves in a quite transmission from tea leaf to tea drinker.

One thought that this tea would be best enjoyed by those with little experience with puerh as it seems to lack the sharp, punchy, edginess that usually characterize the energy and taste of infant shang. Because of this you can really stuff the pot with this leaf and still not be overpowered by its youthful exuberance.

Today, as one sits down and sips this tea with a friend, the friend comments,

“This is good tea.”


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