Thursday, October 16, 2008

2008 Shuangjiang Mengku "Wild Arbor King"

The dry leaf fills eager nostrils with the smell of light smokyy tobacco, mixed with slight sweet fruity undertones and an undeniable greeness. This tea smells good...

The leaf is also a pleasure to look at, nice full dark leaves that are so loosely compressed, a few lighter yellowy leaves only add contrast to the darkness. This tea looks good...

This tea is quite smoky and a bit creamy through the first infusions. Although smoky it unfortunately carries very little of that wonderful tobacco scent emitting from the dry leaves. The high cooler notes draw out banana, the lower notes, mushrooms. The mouthfeel is smooth, pleasant as well as slightly astringent and, if overbrewed, harsh.

In later infusions the smokiness is dropped for more of a creamy taste and its mouthfeel balances out. Overall its flavour is quite regular for a young puerh.

This tea has stamina as it was brewed for three days straight. Each day the mouthfeel got smoother and silkier, its flavour holding its own.

The wet leaves show evidence of full leaves mixed with smaller growth still attached to the twig. There is a lot of twig.

The qi of this tea flows softly through one's body nicely warming it and gently stirs one out of an early morning stupor.


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