Saturday, September 6, 2008

2008 Emperor's Jiri Mountain Yellow Tea

“This is one of those teas that you have tried before.”

Opening the bag of one of the most popular oxidized teas (Hwang Cha) in Korea, one's sense of smell reminds one of this. These leaves are very fragrant. They emit a sour and sweet odour, white chocolate covered in natural notes of pines covering a mountain side. They give off a roasted smell indicative of the high level of oxidization that yellow teas undergo during their production.

One prepares the tea with near boiling water and drinks it mindfully. The colour of its soup is beautiful, the taste too. Grainy roasted barley, mellow sweetness, woody pine, nutty... quite nutty.

The mouthfeel evolves in the mouth from slippery and watery to dry as it travels down the throat. As this tea is strung through multiple infusions it leaves more dryness on the tongue, but still retains a slippery feeling.

The qi of this tea is very warming, fast flowing and active. It has enough kick to really get you going.

As one reflects on this tea one discovers its simple autumnal warmth.
Like a sunny day in the chilly fall.
Soon these days will be here.
Then, how appropriate will this tea be?


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