Thursday, February 28, 2008

Containing the Qi: The Living Mool Hang A Ree

'Mool Hang A Ree' is Korean for 'water storage container'.

Water patiently rests in them before being boiled to make tea. Like a mother nurturing a child, so too does a Mool Hang A Ree nurture water. If the water is hard and stubborn the earthen clay that makes up a Mool Hang A Ree is said to soften and soothe the water cradled within. The water is at home cuddling close to the Mool Hang A Ree, absorbing its minerals and natural deposits. The water sprung forth from the earth, was removed, now it returns. How soothing is it for a child to be reunited into its mother's arms?

HEY... How'd that picture get in there!!! The works pictured are by Korean potter Kim Jeong Pill (excluding the last one of course).