Sunday, May 12, 2024

Yang Qing Hao Re-Tasting (Re-Experiencing) Project

Well I have been drinking some great puerhs throughout the winter and into the springtime.  In January just before their new website launched, I ordered some Yang Qing Hao samples I hadn’t yet tried. The website has been up and running for weeks now and is really nice to use and allows for samples to be ordered.  It also used the less common English transliterations so don’t get confused about that.  Good Job Mr Yang and Emmett!  I started to re-sample the whole catalog from oldest to newest and thought to post the notes and comparisons here for your enjoyment and commentary.

The thing is with YangQing Hao is that most of what you will find in the English internet is from sessions during 2016-2021.  I have found that many Yang Qing Hao puerh that people have found to be great aren’t so much anymore and others that were downplayed have aged better.  Furthermore, there is a handful of the Yang Qing Hao offerings that have not been posted on or given a pass- we will look at these too…Probably Shah8 is the only person to post on all of them but over decades- I will try to link some of his notes.  I will use the transliterations used on the new site with links to the older tasting notes.

Okay let us begin… with the 2004s.



Alex said...

Oh, good to know! Really like the old YQH sheng - currently don't have the money left to dive into the new ones but maybe some day, they look very promising (but are also quite expensive) :-)

Anonymous said...

Those high end Menghai area from YQH are really good right now. I'll be looking forward for your reviews. I myself got most of their teas as samples. Maybe we can compare some of the results. Cheers.


Peter said...

??? Aren't the teas from Yiwu?

Anonymous said...

Most of YQH teas don't have an official declared area, and the brand per se is mostly known for the Yiwu material, but I suspect most of the early 2010s teas are Menghai area given their profile, and they are really great teas. Try, for example, the 2012 Tianshan Yizhen. It performs like a Southern Bulang puerh.

Anonymous said...

Is that you Darius?