Thursday, May 23, 2024

1999 Yang Qing Hao MiTsang: Yiwu Gushu Qi


I got this sample from Liquid Proust in 2020 and sampled it shortly after here… the prices on these 1999 YQH productions have actually gone down a little since I last published on them.  All of the Yang Qing Hao 1999 (MiTsang $200.00 for 500g brick or $0.40/g TsangMi $330.00 for 1KG brick or $0.33/g JinTuo $135.00 for 250g Jincha or $0.54/g) productions are made of the same materials and pressed in 2007 with aged maocha.

Dry leaves have a woody aged mulch odour. The rinse is sweet creamy woody Yiwu like odour.

Fist infusion has a watery woody creamy sweet taste.  Wet mouthfeel. 

Second infusion has a wet watery taste with creamy sweet woody.  Simple but undeniably YiWu.  Relaxing feel good a bit of arms limb lightness bodyfeeling.

Third is a creamy watery woody taste.  The mouthfeel is a bit tight cottony now.  Long cool breath with faint very faint sweet candy. Some warm brow and light limbs, deeper relaxing spacy mind slow. I sigh…. Slight almost ghostly tropical fruits.

Fourth infusion has a fruity dry woody pop with a creamy candy return and finish along with cooling creamy talc.  Face tingling arms limbs light. Warm brow.  Slight tight sticky mouthfeeling.

Fifth infusion left to cool is sweet woody incense bready sweetness cool breath with very faint candy cemreamy sweet.  Space relaxing qi. Limbs light face numb. Slight warm face.

Sixth infusion has a resin woody almost sour fallen leaf incense sweet creamy onset.  Chalky slight dry mouthfeel.  Creamy faint candy sweet finish.  Warm face and relaxed spacy qi with light limbs.

Seventh has a woody resin slight faint smoke incense with creamy sweet finish. Mouthfeel is becoming a bit drier and sticky. Squeaky gums.

Eighth has a woody leaf drier mouthfeel less sweet now but subtle. Slight cool finish with slight sweet taste. Bigger Spacy relaxing Qi with bodyfeel of numb face and light arms.

Ninth infusion has woody faint sweet taste.  Not much left in these flash infusions a bit cool and creamy sweetness. Strong deep Qi which swells the Heart and Chest now with face tingling and arms and limbs light.    

10th I put for a long mug steeping it comes off bitter woody leaf with a creamy slight medicinal camphor vegetal woody.  Strong deep Qi and bodyfeeling. Super strong Qi knocks me on my ass!

The overnight infusion is woody slight dirt but mainly sweet with a long sweet finish.  There is mainly a woody dirt almost bitter but a return of super faint candy returning.  Deep Qi sensation with chest opening face warming and limbs.

Has stronger bodyfeeling and deeper Qi feeling and quality than 2001 Naked Yiwu and 1999 Daye ZhengShan MYF Special Order which I sampled the days before this one.  The difference in storage when comparing thee is more profound because Yang Qing Hao has a more natural Taiwanese storage where the other two are dry stored.

Nice way to kick off the Yang Qing Hao 2024 Re-Taste Project. Even these 1999 Yang Qing Hao productions which are all, I believe pressed of the same materials. They all contain 1999 Yiwu Gushu maocha which was aged for 8 years before being pressed into 1Kg and 500g bricks, tuos, and jinchas in 2007.  The leaf has a tighter rolling processing than most Yang Qing Hao only few of their productions have a production of tighter rolled leaf the 2004 Yang Qing Hao Zhengcang is another that comes to mind. 

Overall a good value aged Yiwu option with a focus on Qi.



Anonymous said...

I got one very good session with it some time ago while brewing 10 grams, similar in experience as you had, and another 10 grams at another point in time which had a moderate level of qi and a bit less textured mouthfeel. I debated to have this as a daily drinker, but ended up purchasing the 2006 Qixiang blindly. Next YQH daily drinker might be this one.


Matt said...

Sub 10,

I’m the same as you…. Hahaha this might be my next Yang Qing Hao everyday drinker. I think I’ve read other older reviews (follow the link to my old post) that said the same but none has committed? Haha

Thanks for you comments and additional notes.


Anonymous said...

Speaking at least for me, when I see a brick, I tend to make the prejudice of thinking it's lesser quality than a cake. That, combined with the lower price and my tendency to go with higher price tags, makes me overlook teas like the Micang or Cangmi.