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2011 Jin Dayi: Top Modern Dayi!

This is the second part (first part was the 2017) of the 2017/2011 Jin Dayi comparison sample set from Liquid Proust that goes for approx $57.00…. This 2011 Jin (Gold) Dayi is quite famous and expensive but it really blew my mind.  They still have a few of these sets left and I recommend it to try this one…

 Dry leaves are a faint plum smoke hay.

Rinsed leaf has a subtle smoke and tobacco and faint banana odour.

First infusion is smooth oily lubricating mouthwatering feeling with a subtle smoke and creamy custard banana nuance.  Creamy oily mouthfeel.  Taste stays in the saliva. Spacy relaxing Qi can feel it low in the abdomen.

Second has a sweet creamy oily caramel toffee taste with a very nice oily creamy texture.  Some woody and smoke in the background and long sweet returning minutes later there are candy pops of taste.  Long sweetness that evolves from caramel to icing sugar to plum to banana to candy long inbedded into saliva with mouthwatering deliciousness.  Nice lower abdomen and mid abdominal mild warming with spacy qi feeling.

Third infusion has a very sweet caramel oily full sweetness with resin woody slight background smoke and long evolving sweet taste with lots of oily salivating and nice mouthwatering.  Peaceful calm Qi distills the mind.  Low abdominal feeling with face and jaw light and some cjhezt beats and spacy feeling.  Candy finish minutes later trapped within the saliva. Its got the whole package here!  Cooled down it has a resin woody creamy fresh pungent creamy oily sweet taste. Long evolving sweet taste and long candy finish in chalky full mouthfeel.

Fourth has a creamy woody oily onset with resin woody taste and some faint pungent faint almost camphor taste.  Oily texture and mouthfeel is a bit less here but still full faint candy on the breath minutes later.  Chest abdominal feeling with light face and jaw and calm peace still feeling but also energetic with heart beats.

Fifth infusion is left to cool it is quite resinous and sweet woody incense.  Long sweet taste the mouthfeel and texture is fading infusion-to-infusion now. Still nice sweet taste and faint candy minutes later. Abdominal Qi face and jaw light. Peaceful pause.

Sixth infusion is left to cool and gives off a caramel resin sweet woody incense onset some fresher fruits taste with nice peaceful qi.  Less long sweetness now.  Abdominal feelings with light face and jaw.

Seventh infusion has a resin woody onset with some more distant sweetness chalky silty mouthfeeling with some stimulating feeling at the back of the tongue and throat.  Nice peaceful Qi with some chest beats both energizing and peaceful.  Face and abdomen sensations.  Not much returning sweet but done creamy silty oily sweetness with resin taste in the finish.

Eighth is woody resin with a sandy mouthfeeling back of tongue and throat gentle stimulation.  Not much sweet taste left but more resin woody.  Nice peaceful Qi feeling. Watery sensation smokey background.

9th is a long mug infusion and is resinous woody with a creamy sweet and silty oily texture. Strong heart beats. Slight bitter with full gripping mouth but still oily with salivating.

The overnight infusion of spent leaves gives off a creamy oily candy sweet taste with lots of salivating and mouthwatering.  

It’s got delicious aroma and long complex evolving layered taste complexity in the mouthfeel with some gripping that causes salivating and thick oily texture.  Qi imparts a strong effect on the mind and in some steeps both energizing and with distilling peacefull feeling.  It also has great bodyfeeling strong Heart beasts but also comforting face and abdominal sensations…

Top 5 of the modern Dayi that I have tried- excellent!!!!

Comparison: The 2017 resembles the 2011 enough to know that they are similar blends especially in their abdominal sensations bodyfeeling and lingering sweetness oily texture but will never have the greatness of the 2011- it doesn’t have the long evolving sweet layer taste, its mouthfeel is narrow with a tendency to dryness, its qi is not as complex.  Still pretty enjoyable though.

Top is the 2017 Jin Dayi bottom 2011 Jin Dayi.

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Peter said...

Hi Matt,

You've said it's in the Top 5 modern Dayi....what are the other four?


Matt said...


I like the 2005 7542s 501, 502, 504… they’re definitely up there! When is the cut off for modern again…. Hahaha


Peter said...

Oh....I thought you might reveal a few unknown gems in the Dayi catalogue. Modern I think is post 2006 which Hobbes often mentioned as the Dayi transition point.