Saturday, March 9, 2024

2017 “Jin Dayi”

This sample comes from a comparison testing sample set from Liquid Proust which goes for approx $57.00 for the 2017/2011 Dayi Jin Sample set.  I sampled the quite amazing 2011 the following day in the next post.

 Dry leaves have a very tobacco wet smoke tobbacco odour.  

Rinsed leaf is superisingly sweet amongst strong wet dark cherry tobacco notes.

First infusion has a watery Smokey metallic mild chalky sweetness.  Nice sweet returning taste almost melon that builds in the aftertaste with some salivating.  Feel it in the chest. A bit of acidity left behind in the mouth.

Second infusion has smoke and tobacco with some bitterness over a dry roof mouthfeel and upper throat opening.  A sweet pop that has nice return. You van feel the bitterness buildup in the stomach- haven’t tried Dayi this fresh in a long long while. Strong chest feel with beats and energy rising.

Third infusion has a woody smoke oily texture with a creamy sweet oily creamy finish.  Smooth mouthfeel with lots of oily feeling and slight dry roof of mouth.  Nice sweet finish fades to slight dry smoke wood.

Fourth infusion is left to cool and gives off sweet oily taste with woody smoke finish.  The sweetness sort of fades into the smoke.  There is a mouth salivating with return sweetness which is almost fruity.  Strong deep uplift with chesty feeling not much bitter.  Fruity taste faintly lingering in saliva.  Spacey feeling.

Fifth infusion has a fruity faint smoke oily woody taste. Tobacco leaf base.  Mainly this sweet oily almost fruity that fades into a dryer tongue and roof stimulating effect.  Lingering fruity in mouth.  Spacy feeling

6th has some faint caramel, metalic and floral edges to it and has that oily smoke onset and fading sweetness.  There is a bit of bitterness that you can feel in the stomach.  Spacy qi feeling with feeling in lower abdomen.

7th is left to cool has a Smokey sweet hay almost fruity taste with tobacco leaf base.  

8th has a sweet oily hay tobacco leaf with a returning almost floral sweet almost fruit taste.  Thee is a chalky faint fruit returning with some mild mouthwatering.  Spacy Qi.  Fruity taste lingers in the saliva minutes later.

9th has a chalky talc woody slight bitter initial taste that has a cereal hay sweet taste with some mild mouth drying on roof and gums and tongue.

10th has a woody smoke ashy taste not that sweet anymore.  Spacy Qi.

11th is left in the cup overnight and gives off a sweet oily slight smokey wood taste with sweet vegital woody finish.  Lingering sweetness left in saliva.

Long mug steeping is a dry grippng mouthfeel with bitter wood and smoke taste.

The overnight mug steeping of spent leaves is a sweet woody almost fruit with a bitter almost but not really milk chocolate taste.  Silty mouthfeel with some chesty Qi and moderate energetic feel.



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