Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Marco’s 2022 Blind Sample #2

 Dry leaves smell of smoky mesquite BBQ with an odour very similar to the 2005 Nan Qiao Double Lions from Teas We Like.

First infusion has a bbq smoky taste with a pasty returning sweetness.  There is lots of smoky car with a pasty not quite returning sweetness.  Nice full pasty sticky mouthfeeling.  Old School factory feeling.  Alerting energy.  Wet leaves in the pot have a peaty semi-aged odour.  Seems like Maylasian storage to me.

The second infusion is left to cool and has a BBQ mesquite onset with a creamy sweet emergence. There is a delicious pasty strawberry sweetness that comes out underneath the BBQ taste.  Nice pasty mouthfeeling.  With a lingering creamy pasty sweetness.  Almost pastry like sweetness.  It really lingers for minutes.  Not much throat feeling but a faint lingering cooling with sweet pastry sweetness over a faint BBQ.

The third infusion is left to cool and gives off a smoky BBQ onset with a sweet creamy pasty taste.  The balance of smoky BBQ Mesquite and creamy pasty sweetness is nice.  Also nice pasty mouthfeeling with only the faintest throat stimulation.  Nice enlivening Qi.  

The fourth infusion has a smooth creamy almost woody incense sweetness.  There is a smokiness to it but it is overall smooth a bit woody not really strawberry fruity.  The mouthfeeling is getting less pasty and more puckering.  Moderate energy bump up and a Chest/rib opening bodyfeeling with heart beats. The smoke as well as a woody sweetness lingers in the mouth.  Almost dirt like woodiness that reminds me of Malaysian storage.

5th infusion has a creamy sweet but also woody taste to it the creamy sweetness really expands in the mouth.  Woody sweet creamy almost cherry sweet but layered fallen woody base.  The creamy sweet taste hold throughout.   Faint cooling on the breath and a full almost sandy pasty pucker mouthfeeling.  Nice moderate energetic feeling.

6th is left to cool and gives off a creamy cool feeling with a stronger smoky char and more of a puckering sandy mouthfeeling now than pasty. Nice mild energy.

7th infusion has a creamy sweet and smoky onset with a woody puckering mouthfeeling and lingering woody and a bit creamy sweet.  Lots more woody and smoke tastes here.  The sweet tastes is lessening as the session progresses.  Nice mild energy bump.

8th has a smoky BBQ mesquite onset that is the dominant taste now I would say woody fall tree is the next taste underneath with only edges of sweetness now to access underneath the stronger gripping mouthfeeling.  Some creamy sweetness glances below the woody gripping smoke.  Nice energy feeling also a bit relaxing at the same time.

9th is cooled down considerably and has a woody creamy taste with a lesser finish of creamy sweet wood and smoke.  Thin puckering coating on the tongue.  Mild energy.

I put the rest into mug steeping and it gives off woody sweet smoke.  Soothing rich even a touch puckering dry.

Guess: Malaysian Stored factory production from 2005-2007.  Tastes a lot like the 2005 Nanqiao Double Lions.


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