Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Marco’s 2022 Blind Sample #1


Small stronger compressed dry leaves have a faint sour fruity almost woody sweetness to them.  A faint bready/grains sweetness that almost reminds me of a less smokey Xiaguan.

First infusion has a watery woody onset with barely sweet grains and woody finish.  It has an almost lingering faint sweetness.

Second infusion has a smooth oily slightly fruity approach over woody layers.  The mouthfeeling is a bit puckering and saliva producing.  Very clear profile of tastes.  Lingering dry wood and long faint fruity cooling.  Tastes like a Yiwu to me.  The wet leaves smell of cherry and dry woody odours.  Neck releasing bodyfeeling and deeper level relaxing.  The storage taste and smell is familiar like I’ve tired it before but not sure where… maybe BiYun Hao’s storage?  Dragon Tea House?

Third infusion was left to cool and has a sweet expanding caramel sweetness that expands and induces salivation.  Clear gushu Yiwu profile.  Nice long sweet deep in the open throat caramel with faint whimsical cooling.  Around 10 year puerh with drier storage.  Nice spacy feeling with relaxing neck Qi and bodyfeeling.

Fourth infusion has a caramel fruity oily sweetness with a woody base taste to it.  The clear profile of taste is really nice and so is the beautiful bodyfeeling- a subtle opening of the neck and shoulders.  Nice full thin mouthfeeling with a mild back of mouth stimulation enough for a nice oily saliva producing.  The subtle coolness overlaps the caramel sweet finish.  The mouthfeel is full but gentle and bodyfeelng and Qi has a very peaceful and tranquil effect overall.  Gushu Yiwu feeling feels sort of like Bi Yun hao?  Has the Qi of a Gua Feng Zhai.

The 5th has a creamy caramel sweetness that is really pure and sweet fluffy deliciousness. There is an oily thin full mouthfeeling that holds the simple delicious single estate tastes in nicely.  Nice saliva producing and mid-throat opening.  Long deep relaxing with spaced out feeling and wave like bodyfeelings- warming face and opening neck feeling.  Spaciness builds in the mind.

The 6th infusion has a candy-like caramel almost strawberry-cherry subtle sweet pop.  The tastes are really pure and clear.  Then comes a long faint coolness that is almost camphor and woody but long creamy cool caramel taste to it.  Spaced out feeling.  Neck body feeling.

7th has a pungent woody sweet taste to it over a thin full mouthfeeling.  There is very subtle candy and even spice edge to it.  The cooling reaches deeper into the throat.  Spacy relaxing.  Open neck bodyfeeling.

8th has a woody pungent caramel onset with a full thin pasty mouthfeeling and deep throat coolness. The cool cup is woody with a long cooling deep candy almost papery woody bark taste in the mid throat.  The full coating of thin mouthfeel is becoming slightly drier but not really dry still some saliva producing but not as much. 

9th has a woody caramel woody bark with an emerging menthol cool that returns the sweet caramel taste.  There is faint complex edges of coco and almost cherry.  The mouthfeel remains all covering but thin yet still present with an almost mossy feeling.  The cooled down cup was more caramel but also more papery tasting.  Has a Chawangshu vibe to it.  Very spaced out strong Qi in the mind with a subtle neck thing going on.

10th infusion has a woody papery bark taste that has a sweet almost caramel taste to it with a cooling pungent woody caramel finish.  The papery woody bark taste is becoming the most prominent as the mouthfeeling becomes a bit more gripping.

11 infusion is left to cool and gives off a caramel sweet papery with a mild dry astringency in the mouthfeeling.  There is a deeply relaxing and especially spaced out feeling.  There is almost some fruitiness that comes out in the aftertaste with caramel and paper woody.

12th is left to cool and gives a nice creamy wood-caramel sweet taste.  The mouthfeel is still full covering the mouth and there is a woody papery finish.  Nicely spaced out in this stronger Qi.  

I do a 13th infusion and is much the same as the 12th with a bit more woody paper almost dryness.


I overnight thermos the spent leaves and it comes out a bit bitter and with a full dry coating.  There are edges of coco and then finishes a faint caramel almost fruity but mainly a woody papery with some breath coolness.  Overall impressed by the stamina.  A solid full chalky dry mouthfeel keeps things going for sure.  Strong spaced out feeling with neck bodyfeeling.

Guess: 2012-2010 Yiwu single estate with very clean storage Maybe a BiYunHao Chawangshu/Guafengzhai/Yiwu maybe even a Dragon Tea House Yiwu?… definitely something familiar about this one…  Somewhat resembles the BiYUn Hao Chawangshu I tried a few months ago.


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