Friday, August 19, 2011

Korean Tea Classics Book Club- Dong Cha Song- Hymn In Praise of Korean Tea- 10

"Tea made in the Eastern Land is identical to the original.
In color, scent and taste it is granted the same high merit."

Feel free to join the online book club at anytime by simply purchasing Korean Tea Classics. Dong Cha Song is 17 stanzas in length, we will go through each stanza week by week. Jump in and join the discussion as you please.



Matt said...


Notes on Stanza 10:

This stanza begins to directly address Korean tea- tea from the "eastern land".

This stanza states that Korean tea is essentially complete, in harmony, and whole in every aspect. Note that color, scent, and taste are refering to the yin and yang, the dao of tea. Korean tea contains the highest of these qualities and the merits that result. Korean tea is said to be prized for both its taste and medicinal properties, but not one over the other.


Unknown said...

I find it funny that Lu'an is addressed so prominently in this section. I wonder if the processing of Lu'an has changed much since this was originally written, as it is one of the few teas mentioned by name which is still decently well known today.

Matt said...


What is funny is that nowadays Luian is perhaps more known for its medicinal properties than its taste. Cho Ui, referencing Lu Yu's Classic of Tea, comments on the later.