Saturday, December 11, 2010

2010 Jagasilk Organic Butterfly Matcha (Produced by Harimaen)

This matcha, composed of leaves of the Yabukita and Komakage varietals, is the lowest grade of matcha offered by local company Jagasilk. It is certified organic by JAS and comes from a family estate that has been growing and producing matcha in Uji for seven generations. Their tea garden has been organic for over 35 years after Yoshiyuki Harima developed a severe reaction to sprays in the 1970s and claims to be the longest and highest quality organic matcha in Uji.

Each batch comes freshly stone ground every month or so. This one was stone ground on September 10th. Lets boil the water, kneel before the tea table, bow, and enjoy some tea.

The dry powder smells of corn and grains with subtle syrupy like sweetness. Heavy florals lie in the distance along with a slight tangy bitter sweetness. The powder is prepared in ceremony and imbibed.

There are quick, fruity glimpses of raspberry and currant that are heavy, chalky, and slightly grainy in the mouth. This heavy mouthfeel turns sticky. The finish on the tongue is chalky, mineral, blandish, and dry. It evolves into slight bitter fruit then into very faint heavy floral perfume.

The cha qi of this tea builds over time once consumed. It slightly lightens the sides of the head but at the same time excerts a slight downward pressure- a slight 'heads in the clouds' feeling.

After reading the notes provided on the Jagasilk website one is certain that the "slight bitter fruit" in the aftertaste is that of bitter sweet melon notes.



Petr Novák said...

Hi Matt,
Is the bowl you use here new one or I missed it in your previous posts? It reminds me "oribe" style but "softer" if I can say...I like it. Thanks.

Matt said...


It's a 'Hok Sae Mo Eh So Hwan' style matcha bowl by Kim Jeong Pill. See this link:

Looking forward to reading about the rhythms of a potter on your newly started blog.