Saturday, December 18, 2010

"1980s Sheng Fangcha" Nada Sample

This sample from Nada was stored in a buncheong style Kim Jeong Soo jar for a few years. A few months ago the body was in need of an oldish Shang this was one of a few older peurhs that were consumed at that time.

The dry leaves have a dusty wood smell. The odour is quite faint. They are added to hot yixing and the first session begins.

The first infusion displays fruity, cherry-plumb notes which came out under woody camphour notes that stretch into dryness. Even after a good long rinse the tea tastes dusty and dry. The contrast between fruity/ wood and dusty/ dry is nice. The aftertaste is dry, dusty with hints of fruit- a continuation of these initial tastes.

The second infusion begins to awaken. It carries a creaminess along with the dusty taste. There are faint suggestions of black cherry even dry coco that underlie the very drying wood notes. The mouthfeel is light and silky.

The third infusion is very woody- camphour in taste especially the initial burst of flavour. Flavours end slightly fruity and then turn dry. The dry dusty tastes have almost disappeared. The mouthfeel is a bit tougher and dry. A light heat is felt in the upper and middle cavities which includes a warm sensation in the arms. The qi is mild, light, warming.

The fourth, fifth, and sixth, infusions are dominated by very dry wood notes accompanied by a dry mouthfeel. This dry wood taste dominates the taste and feel of the session.

The seventh, eighth, and ninth infusions become slightly thinner. This space in the cup allows for a wheaty-straw taste to appear. Sweet notes are hidden deep under the cover of dry wood and rarely peep out. This tea really dries you out.

The tenth, eleventh, and twelfth infusions turn watery. Sweet juicy plum notes appear in the initial taste before moving slowly towards a drier, sharper taste and feel. It too melts away slowly in the mouth.

This tea is taken for a handful more longer infusions. It is here where the depth of fruity flavours are realized and appreciated. Only after the gripping dry wood feeling has relented do these tastes become apparent. And so one drinks on for a few days until it becomes too watery.



eva626 said...

nice blog..interesting stuff!!1 i esp love your tea blog. big tea lover myself!!! maybe ill post something about my fav green tea!!! hope you tune in lol and comment.
your def gona follow! nice work

Matt said...


Your enthusiasm is filled with great energy! Glad you like it.