Friday, March 5, 2010

2009 Sumibi Meijin (Imperial Silver) Sencha

This tea was one of the samples kindly sent by Chado Tea House. Their web page claims that special care has been taken by the producers of this tea and that this tea has won a gold medal Monde selection in the years 2007 & 2008 (thought those medals were reserved for beer and wine?).

One hasn't partaken in sencha in quite a while...

The foil packet is snipped open, releasing the deep, fruity, fresh scent of the sublime dry leaves into the air. These dry leaves have a depth to them that almost remind one of a very young sheng puerh that one had a while back. Delicious.

From the clipped corner of the foil pack one pours some of these green thanes into a warmed pot. And when the boiling water has cooled enough in the cooling pot the water goes into the teapot- embracing the leaf.

The tea is rich, smooth, full in the mouth, sweet with no vegital grassiness- just a smooth, mellow, almost bridging on roasted taste. These first sips are not at all dry in the mouth but full and fresh.

The second infusion is more of that nice smoothness but more full in the mouth. It starts slightly tart on the lips and in the mouth and finishes sweet, buttery, and deep.

The full mouthfeel has staying power along with a subtle yet deep sweet aftertaste.

This green tea is superbly mellow even in the third infusion. The flavour of this tea dives deep for a sencha a far cry from those light, grassy senchas that we all know quite well.

The qi of this tea is very light and travels without being noticed. It does however have a deep but very subtle affect on the mind. One has been drinking this tea in the early evenings without having any issues falling asleep.

This sencha remains mellow but is noticeably grittier in the fourth infusion. In the fifth, this tea noticeably fades but retains it mellow flavour and feel and due to its depth can be enjoyed a bit longer that lighter sencha.

Thanks for this experience with your tea Fumi and Peter.



Wabi wan kenobi said...

Looks like your Cherry Blossoms are already out.

Petr Novák said...

Wabi wan kenobi: That was also my first idea. But is not problem on our side ? That we are looking at The blossoms and not at branch, tree, garden...

Matt said...

Wabi Wan & Petr,

The blossoms have been blooming since the first week of February- life on the island is good. The season seems right for more green tea consumption.