Sunday, November 8, 2009

Disambiguation of Jiri Mountain (Chiri Mountain, Jirisan, Chirisan) Tea

Please check out this link (here) for a wonderful map of Jiri Mountain.

As you can see Jiri Mountain is not one peak but several in an area considered 'Jiri Mountain'.
Ssangyaesa (Ssangyae Temple) is located in Hwagae Valley.
Hadong is the county that includes Southern slopes of Jiri Mountain, Ssangyaesa, and Hwagae Valley.
Hadong is also the name of the town in Hadong County that is the hub of the tea business here.

Therefore tea from this area can be referred to as:

Jiri Mountain Tea- tea grown on the mountain
Hwagae Valley Tea- tea grown in Hwagae Valley
Hadong Tea- tea that is produced anywhere in Hadong's tea producing area (including Hwagae Valley and the Southern Jiri Mountians) and often shares a generic Hadong tea bag or box



Anonymous said...

I was in Jirisan/Hwage area this spring. Not only was it a gorgeous place but I was amazed at the sheer number of small farms there were! Many monks making tea as well.
As always, many thanks for the information and for the great posts! Keep them coming!


If you are ever in San Francisco, make a visit to the Pacific Heritage Museum. There is currently an exhibit on tea going on from now until March. I will be hosting an ongoing tea-tasting lecture series until March... one of which will be featuring tea from Jirisan!

Matt said...


Won't be able to make it to San Francisco, but thanks for the invite! Sounds interesting.

Maybe some readers curious about tea from Jirisan can make it there though.

Thanks again for stoping by.


Alain said...

Very interesting post..

Matt said...


It should give you a better understanding of where your Korean tea samples came from.