Monday, May 18, 2009

An Enormous Tea Storage Jar By Shin Hyun Churl

This jar is the biggest one has ever seen! To give you a reference on size, it came up to around ones waist. You could surely store a small child in here or, better yet, a tonne of tea!

This massive white jar doesn't overwhelm though. Its soft natural white glaze beautifully drapes over its ash flecked sides in noticeable but not standoutish globs. Along with the ornate, signature Shin Hyun Churl lotus flower knob and a few ridges that circumnavigate the base, this pieces does its best to balance its massive size and makes some strides toward grace.



Anonymous said...

Can we keep different teas ? for example green teas, oolongs and pu er together ? or is it better to keep one kind for one jar ? .... it must be nice to have one so big just on the floor inside the house ¨

Tuo Cha Tea said...

Keeping different teas in one jar is like keeping different wines in one bottle. So no, it is not advised, unless you keep all those teas in separate, well sealed smaller jars.

toki said...

The dripping glaze at the near bottom of this vase is breath taking. Almost have a same feeling of the famous Moon vase from Korea, although is big in size, but it blends into the environment, thus creating harmony. Beautiful! Thanks again for sharing. -T

Matt said...


There are no 'rules' in the tea world but what Thomas said is right. This is coming from someone that uses just three pots to brew all varieties of tea.



If you could put any kind of tea in this big boy, what would you store in its hollows?


Ahh yes...

That moon jar at the Samsung Gallery in Seoul is a beaut. And classy... very classy!


Tuo Cha Tea said...

The answer is easy - since this guy is so big, I believe it is best suited to store tea, that can be consumed over long period of time, maybe tea that could be aged. So pu-erh, maybe some oolongs.