Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kim Kyoung Soo Pots on Kim Kyoung Soo Tables


toki said...

do you happen to own a tea house or something? Your collection are breath taking!! - T

Brent said...

I wonder the same thing. How on earth do you have so many lovely pieces?

Matt said...

No, no, no, no,

Many of the works pictured are from my tea friends' collections. Some of them own tea shops or houses. What's nice about that is that they allow one to freely use their teaware. Many of these pieces are worth tens of thousands of dollars. One's tea collection is only comprised of the bare essentials, the modest minimum, and the many gifts received from artist and generous tea friends.

Does one really need ten tea pots to enjoy the wonder of tea?

Nectar gathered from a thousand flowers
Produces such golden, delicious honey.
But who is this one who hasn't lifted a finger
And yet smacks his lips with the taste?

Author unknown

MarshalN said...

Interesting looking pot :)

No, one doesn't need any teapot to enjoy teas. Any vessel, really, will do.

Matt said...


Nice seeing you here Marshaln.


Tuo Cha Tea said...

This is really beautiful teaware. The rustical appareance of those two teapots give me an 'earthy' feeling - it harmonizes well with tea.

Matt said...

Indeed. You just sumed up Korean tea culture.

Beautiful. Rustic. Earthy. In harmony with tea.


ginkgo said...

i love these teapots ! les photos ont une composition extraordinaires !

Matt said...


They are amazingly beautiful tea pots. Thanks for your nice words about the pics.