Wednesday, March 5, 2008

2005 'Mystery' Chinese Puerh

I picked this tea up on a trip to China last summer. I found it off the beaten path, it was my favorite out of the many I had tried that day.

It offers a subtle fruity taste that I can't quite pin down. A peasent mouthfeel as the sides of the tounge feel stimulated- new sliva is born, embracing the liqour. Smooth earthy and woody tones are also present. Calm. Gentle. Subtle. Caring. Smooth. Soft. Are adjectives that come to mind when describing this nicely wet stored tea.

The path of the qi in this tea must be mentioned as it is of the most important features in this crowd pleasing yet still immaturely aged tea. The qi travels to the middle-jiao and then spreads throughout leaving one feeling particularly refreshed, renewed, and a titch energized. One can feel this tea in the fingertips at around the 5th or 6th infusion. A great young tea for long bouts of mediation.

In the end this tea is a bit of a mystery- mainly because I can't read the pinyin on the wrapper, neifei, or other paper identification thingy. Anyone who can enlighten me on the deets wins!!!



Salsero said...

I don't know if you follow the RFDT usenet group, but there has been a good deal of Korean tea talk there lately in case you have missed it. I don't understand much of what a Usenet is, but I know that you can access it through Google Groups:

MarshalN said...

A cooked Jingmai tea from Langhe company....

Matt said...

you are a fountain of never ending tea knowledge.